New The Ferrari driver accepts the charge. Charles Leclerc on difficulty in the Japanese GP

New The Ferrari driver accepts the charge. Charles Leclerc on difficulty in the Japanese GP

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— To be sincere, it’s the best choice– Charles Leclerc talked about the choice of the judges, who offered him a charge of 5 seconds. The Ferrari driver lost his 2nd location in the Japanese GP to Sergio Perez.

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Charles Leclerc (right) behind Max Verstappen

Media product/ Red Bull/ Pictured: Charles Leclerc (best) behind Max Verstappen

The Japanese GP was not a simple race for Charles Leclerc. On the damp track, the Ferrari driver did not have the speed to combat for triumph versus Max Verstappen. At the very same time, the cars and truck of the Italian group rapidly “consumed” the middle tires and with each lap Monaco lost the benefit over Sergio Perez.

At the end of the race, Perez eclipsed Leclerc. While on the last lap it appeared that the 24- year-old would protect 2nd location, in the last corner he slipped up and went to the side of the roadway, which reduced his course. The referees reacted instantly and included 5 seconds to Monakijan’s rating. This triggered him to fall back Perez in the Japanese GP category.

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— I slipped up and attempted to decrease its effect by driving directly. I didn’t understand it was the last lap, however to be truthful, it’s the best choice– that’s what Leclerc stated about the charge in front of the Sky Sports video cameras.

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Leclerc’s transfer from 2nd to 3rd in the Japanese GP impacted the scenario on the planet champion. It indicated that Verstappen had actually made his title after the Japanese GP.– We were really quickly for 4 or 5 laps, however the race took longer. The front tires were used after a couple of laps and after that I needed to make it through to the goal– described his race with the Ferrari driver.

— The end of the race was really tough. Sergio was putting pressure on me and I was having a growing number of tire problems. In the end, I slipped up, however we strove under these conditions, Leclerc concluded.

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Events at the Suzuka circuit saw Perez surpass Leclerc in the F1 chauffeurs’ standings. The Mexican has 253 points, Monaco– 252.

After the race, Ferrari revealed a demonstration over Leclerc’s charge however lastly the group chose not to challenge the judges’ choices.

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