New Rimac Nevera will quickly be at the dealership in the Netherlands

New Rimac Nevera will quickly be at the dealership in the Netherlands

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Quote 500 members can just be ruined for option from all brand-new hypercars. Do you choose a popular brand name that is thirty years of ages or count on a brand name brand-new producer? From now on, Dutch billionaires can a minimum of get a Rimac Nevera from a dealership.

Pon Luxury & Performance Cars is now enabled to offer Rimacs in the Netherlands. A sensible relocation, considering that Rimac partially took control of Bugatti and Pon was currently a dealership for the brand name. The very first design they will offer is certainly the Nevera, an electrical hypercar that sets a brand-new requirement in the vehicle world.

It has an output of 1,914 hp and sprints from 0 to 100 km/ h in a blistering 1.97 seconds. Going from 0 to 250 km/ h takes just 9.3 seconds. It reaches a speed of 350 km/h and is credited 80 percent complete in 25 minutes. According to WLTP you can reach 490 km with it.

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Mate Rimac about Holland

The creator of the business reacts to the carry on Dutch soil: ‘The Netherlands is now a fully grown market in the field of e-mobility, consisting of the associated facilities. It’s likewise a huge market for supercars and supercars, with a great deal of fans.’ We can put it in our pocket extremely well.

In overall, Rimac makes 150 Neveras. It is not understood the number of them concern the Netherlands. We understand that the very first Rimac Nevera on Dutch soil is anticipated in the 2nd quarter of2023 After that, keep a close eye on the highway, since prior to you understand it you will see a Croatian hypercar with a Dutch license plate.


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