New Porsche Cups: Laurin Heinrich takes 5th win in a row at the Sachsenring

New Porsche Cups: Laurin Heinrich takes 5th win in a row at the Sachsenring

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Porsche Cups: Laurin Heinrich takes 5th win in a row at the Sachsenring

Laurin Heinrich (SSR/Huber Racing) took his 5th win of the season in the thirteen-race Cup series. Porsche Junior beat Dane Bastian Buus (Partner Racing) and Morris Schuring (SSR/Huber Racing). In the champion standings, Heinrich leads with 243 points, followed by Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team GP Elite) with 203 points. Dylan Perreira (Lux/Iron Force Racing by Phoenix) takes 3rd location.

Laurin Heinrich led instantly.

Text: Willem J. Staat
Photo: Porsche

Laurin Heinrich takes his 5th successive win of the season at the Sachsenring
Under an enjoyable temperature level of 18 degrees Celsius and sunlight, visitors to the 3,645 km long Sachsenring saw an unstable race with 510 hp. effective Porsche Cup racers. Heinrich right away took the lead from the pole. After 2 laps Larry 10 Voorde was currently able to work his method from P4 to P2. Throughout the race, the security cars and truck needed to act two times, nullifying the hard-earned benefit.

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On the 16 th lap Heinrich swerved hard out of the corner and Ten Voorde instantly took his location to pass. 2 laps later on, the 20- year-old assaulted once again and took the lead once again. Everybody held their breath for a minute when a message appeared on the display that Heinrich had actually been purchased to quit his position at Ten Voorde. After 21 laps Ten Voorde crossed the goal initially, followed by Heinrich and Buus.

LTV1 Ten Voorde here for Loek Hartog. The Dutchman was benched from very first to 5th due to an “unjust benefit”.

The referees enjoyed the choice from various video camera viewpoints and chose that Ten Voorde had actually acquired an “unjust benefit” throughout the choice. The Dutchman was reminded 5th location for his relocation.

Laurin Heinrich: “A lot took place in this race. In the end I handled to turn my pole into a win. I’m pleased to be able to increase my lead in the champion standings”

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Buus acquired the 2nd position. “I began with P8 and drove for a while in 4th location. For me it was extremely close. Simply remaining and being prepared for the choice time was the technique that made me get the podium,” stated Buus, who is likewise part of the podium. Porsche Talent Pool things. 3rd location was taken by Morris Schuring (SSR/Huber). Our colleagues Loek Hartog (Black Falcon), Ten Voorde and Huub van Eijndhoven (GP Elite) followed behind. Alexander Tauscher (D/Allied Racing) and Alexander Fach (CH/h Auto Tech) followed in seventh and 8th.

2022 Abrasion Bush
Morris Schuring and Bastian Buus in the peloton battle.

Carlos Rivas (Black Falcon) won the ProAm classification followed by Jan Erik Slooten (D/Iron Force Racing by Phoenix) and Georgi Donchev (BG/Huber Racing). Van Eijndhoven was likewise the very best novice. After 13 out of 16 matches, Heinrich has actually won 5 matches, while Ten Voorde and Perreira have actually won 4. Buus was permitted to climb up the greatest action of the podium as soon as this season.

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Results Race 13 Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland
1. Laurin Heinrich (D/SSR Huber Racing)
2. Bastian Buus (DK/Partner Race)
3. Morris Schuring (NL/SSR Huber Racing)
4. Loek Hartog (NL/Black Falcon)
5. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team GP Elite)
6. Huub van Eijndhoven (NL/GP Elite)
7. Alexander Tauscher (D/Allied Racing)
8. Alexander Fach (CH/Fach Auto Tech)
9. Jukka Honkavuori (SF/ID Competition)
10 Lukas Ertl (D/CarTech Motorsport by Nigrin)


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