New 5. Trip of the Elderly|

New 5. Trip of the Elderly|

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Before the International Day of Older People, commemorated on October 1, the 5th High Pilgrimage happened in Jasna Góra. Its planner was once again the Catholic Action of the arch of Częstochowa.

The senior citizens saw that the Mother of God is their guide in life, and their biggest desire is to hand down their faith to future generations. According to President Artur Dąbrowski:


The senior citizens themselves recognized that the Mother of God is their guide in life, [audio:] so they willingly pertain to Jasna Góra, which was stressed by Wanda Szczepańczyk, among the seniors.

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Seniorka included that today they delegate their households, the clubs they work for, however above all their nation and the youth.

The expedition of the seniors was thanks to the beatification of Primate Wyszyński, where numerous seniors likewise took part in Warsaw, and a year after this occasion, likewise a chance to keep in mind his mentors.

The expedition started with the Con Amore choir show in the Basilica, followed by Mass. was commemorated by the Częstochowa planner of the Senior Diocesan Club of Catholic Action, Fr. Radoslaw Rychlik. In the Bastion of St. Barbara, the primary panel was accepted the involvement of Fr. Sławomir Bednarski, director of St. Barbara in Kleszczów, Renaty Olczyk, president of the “Catholic Law” structure, which collaborates activities in the field of high policies, Fr. Dr. Sławomir Augustynowicz, creator of the Sudeten Projects Forum and creator of the Daily Retirement Home in Głuszyca. The conference ended with the Way of the Cross.

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At the end of 2020, the variety of individuals aged 60 and over reached 9.8 million and increased by 1.0% compared to the previous year.– The Central Statistical Office reported in the current details about the circumstance of the senior in Poland. It is currently 25.6 percent. the neighborhood and this area will continue to grow. According to the projection of the Central Statistical Office, the variety of individuals aged 60 and over in Poland in 2030 will increase to the level of 10.8 million, and in 2050 it will reach 13.7 million. These individuals will represent about 40 percent of the overall population of Poland,” we check out.

Pastoral activities for the senior have actually been performed by the Catholic Church considering that the start of Christianity, although its value has actually increased today due to the aging society and a big portion of the senior utilizing the pastoral assistance of the Church, specifically the Holy Mass. and numerous kinds of individual activity management services, consisting of leisure time. The pastoral care of the Church in the context of old age is dealt with to all followers and has a direct influence on the senior.

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In the very first case, it has to do with promoting the Christian vision of old age, the consistent tracking of the condition of the senior and the assistance of the senior and grownups and youths. In the 2nd case, it is necessary to speak about the unique assistance revealed by the Church to the senior, consisting of the development of the senior and the involvement of the senior in apostolic work. An unique time of this activity is the pastoral care of widows and widowers and the pastoral preparation of followers for their own death.

These global activities of the Church are likewise performed in Poland. The majority of these activities occur under the so-called basic pastorate. The arranged structure is the pastoral care of widows and widowers and the pastoral care of the ill, which likewise consists of youths and grownups.

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5. Pilgrimage of the Elderly

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