New Peugeot 407 Renewed

New Peugeot 407 Renewed

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The Peugeot 407— among the French brand name’s flagships– gets revitalized 4 years after its launch. In spite of the truth that Peugeot’s designers have actually been relatively conservative in their method to upgrading their sedan, the best part about this brand-new variation is how it blends the experience of its previous looks with a modern image.

To be sincere, it’s relatively hard to recognize the differences in between the present and previous generations of the407 Amongst its visual tweaks, the decorative plastic product used to enhance the cockpit console’s functions sticks out, a work for which the French brand name should have specific acknowledgment. The brand-new Peugeot 407 masters every method, most significantly in its interior decoration, which is a lot more stunning and improved.

The brand-new 407’s engine variety is comprehensive. This brand-new design is offered with approximately 4 gasoline engine alternatives varying in horse power from 125 to 211 hp. The 5 turbodiesel engines, on the other hand, variety in horse power from 110 to204 In this regard, an effective 2.0 HDI that increases the engine’s efficiency to 140 horse power is notable.

Peugeot 407 Coupe: Der Haifisch hat Zähne

Greater in length than a Passat

The 407 coupé is streamlined, flat, and has the aggressive attraction of a shark. The internal designers offered it the predatory fish’s big mouth and small eyes. In addition, a set of gills. With a length of 4.82 meters and a width of 1.87 meters, it has the stature of a full-fledged sedan– the modern-day VW Passat, for instance, is considerably much shorter in length.

The Peugeot keeps a coupe-like look in part due to its modest height of less than 1.40 meters. And, obviously, the domed roofing, which, when integrated with the smooth back and modest wedge kind, produces the impression of the vehicle sitting flat on the roadway. Without a concern, the 407 Coupé is a head-turner. Furthermore, it is a declaration from its owner, indicating individualism, sportiness, and a gratitude for present design.

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The within shows that there is likewise some sense: the (almost) four-seater offers an unanticipated quantity of area. Headroom and sideroom are likewise rather huge for a coupé in advance. 2 individuals do not have a great deal of area in the back, however there is still lots of space– as long as they do not go beyond 1.80 meters. They will, nevertheless, have some work to do getting in: the doors can be tossed broad open and the front seats can take a trip forward when the back-rests are taken down– however climbing up through to the back is a touch tiresome.

Internally, there is substantial heat.

The steeply sloped windscreen needs some modification. Together with the similarly inclined back window, it likewise triggers the within to get too hot in the sun– the leather seats look after the rest. The strong air conditioning quickly brings the temperature level down to a comfy level.

The most important controls are simple and easy to utilize. Annoying: The controls for the seat heating are challenging to feel. With multi-adjustable, stylish, comfortable seats and a height- and depth-adjustable wheel, a calm and enjoyable position is easily reached.

There are numerous racks. The convenience program consists of an automated light and rain sensing unit, in addition to power windows that run even when the engine is switched off. The radio and cruise control might be managed safely and quickly through the guiding wheel buttons. The main console, on the other hand, with its numerous stunning switches, is a little overwelming.

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Outside and within, the workmanship is exceptional. All over you look, you will observe enjoyable and top quality products. Merely checking the sewing on the leather seats is a visual satisfaction. The usually beneficial impression, nevertheless, is ruined by several style defects. The tailgate is protected by hinges that are located deep within a fold– an area where they quickly end up being dirty and are challenging to tidy.

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Engine that is both peaceful and effective

However, everybody gotten in touch with this Francophile style piece will have the ability to ignore such little quirks without trouble. Especially offered the trunk’s 400- liter size. The high edge and the reasonably narrow entryway, on the other hand, make packing a bit challenging. The front-mounted V6 fuel engine showed to be cultured and species-appropriate, producing simply a beautiful sonorous noise inside, even at high speeds.

155 kW/211 horse power from simply under 3 liters of displacement suffices for coupé-like velocity– in spite of the optimum allowed overall weight of more than 2 heaps. It takes 7.8 seconds to speed up from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and continues running till it reaches 241 kilometers per hour.

However, the V6 will not make an economy award in regards to usage: Peugeot states 10.2 gallons of Super per 100 kilometers, while our test vehicle taken in considerably more at 12.9 liters. It stays in the elite tier in its class. Furthermore, the engine is healthy on the gas, and the six-speed transmission matches him well in the gradation.

The driving habits is above reproach and blameless. The 407 coupe understeers rather in quick turns, which benefits the driver. The electronic devices respond without delay and securely, putting an end to any efforts to leave.

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The steering is exact and straight, with outstanding touch with the roadway. Front-wheel drive has a minimal impact. Suspension is athletic and strong, yet comfy, and bumps are swallowed entire. The brakes are exact and easy to utilize– an electronic help helps with deceleration when proper.

Exceptional in the crash test

On a straight stretch, the Peugeot preserves its course efficiently without requiring to change, and you feel safe and secure all around, even at greater speeds. An experience increased by visual abnormalities. The 2 strong metal struts that protrude from the bottom of the doors and engage with matching apertures on the sills when closed are part of the massive side effect defense. Euro NCAP crash screening prove the subjective impression: 5 star and a rating of 35 out of a capacity 37 points promote itself.

The 407 coupé is not low-cost– however with a base rate of 34,400 euros for the V6 and good basic devices, it is priced decently– even ex works bi-xenon lighting are offered. On the dream list, think about including an automated transmission (1500 euros), vibrant cornering lights (300 euros), and heated seats (250 euros). For contrast’s sake, a relatively comparable Alfa GT coupe expenses around 3000 euros more, a significantly more conservative and gently geared up Mercedes-Benz C 230 sports coupé expenses roughly 3000 euros less, and a more equivalent CLK 280 costs roughly 7000 euros more.


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