New Mercedes-Benz validates 2 deaths in Sindelfingen

New Mercedes-Benz validates 2 deaths in Sindelfingen

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From: Julian Bauman


Shots were fired at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Sindelfingen on Thursday. 2 individuals were eliminated and the examination is continuous.

Update from May 12, 2: 25 pm: As the Ludwigsburg authorities revealed in the 3rd news release on the shooting death at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen on Thursday (May 11), the Office has actually produced a 17- individual examination group called “Halle”. The weapon utilized in the criminal activity had actually currently been taken by the officers on Thursday. According to brand-new details, it is a handgun that the suspect did not have an authorization for. The cops presume that he had the weapon unlawfully.

Although there have actually been reports about the intention of the suspect who is now in custody, there is still no certain info, according to the authorities report. The general public district attorney’s workplace in Stuttgart stated on Friday early morning (May 12) that it would not dismiss any possibility. The examination is continuous.

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After the fatal shootings in Sindelfingen: a minute of grieving for the opera on Monday

Update from May 12, 1: 16 pm: After the shooting at Mercedes, there will be a minute’s silence at the Sindelfingen factory near Stuttgart on Monday. There is likewise a grieving space on website to keep in mind the victims, a Mercedes representative stated Friday. The spokesperson might not state what the treatment would be on Monday. (dpa)

Update from May 12, 12: 45 pm: After the shooting at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen on the early morning of May 11, the intention of the suspect who has actually been jailed stays uncertain. The general public district attorney’s workplace in Stuttgart revealed on Friday that it will not eliminate any possibility– not even a political background. There were currently reports of such a thing on Thursday afternoon after the audio message was flowed. The report has yet to be formally verified.

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Update from May 12, 8: 30 am: After the shots were fired at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen, where 2 individuals passed away, the suspect was brought prior to a judge on the exact same day (May 11) and is now in custody. Versus the authorities in Ludwigsburg BW24 he discussed, the examination is continuous and any brand-new outcomes need to exist later on for info. “We remain in routine contact with the general public district attorney’s workplace,” a representative stated. A press conference on what is occurring in the big Mercedes plant has actually not been set up.

According to the authorities, the suspect, who is of Turkish origin, shot 2 guys who, like him, were utilized by Rhenus and not Mercedes itself. Now he needs to address for murder.

Two are dead after a shooting at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen: the thought judge exists

Update 3: 50 pm: Two individuals eliminated Thursday early morning at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen and the suspect are workers of the Rhenus business, as dp details. “The management and staff members of Rhenus Automotive are stunned by the occurrence and provide their acknowledgements to the victims, their households and all the witnesses of the event,” the business stated. There are presently reports about the objective, which has actually not yet been formally validated.

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Update 2: 49 pm: As dpa reports, the murder weapon was protected after the shooting at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen on Thursday early morning. Authorities did not state what weapon was included. The suspect, who was detained instantly after the criminal offense, was brought prior to the judge this Thursday (May 11). The intention for the criminal activity has yet to be verified, however audio messages are flowing that recommend a politically inspired act.

Updated at 12: 25 pm: In a news release, the Ludwigsburg authorities described more details about the criminal activity. A shooter (53) went into the hall at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Sindelfingen at 7: 45 am on Thursday and shot 2 individuals (all 44) who were dead at the very same time. He permitted himself to be detained without resistance. According to strong media reports, the security department of the Mercedes-Benz factory was likewise associated with the arrest.

In the Sindelfingen Mercedes factory, the suspect eliminated 2 individuals and is anticipated to be brought prior to a judge today. © Julian Rettig/dpa

Updated at 11: 30 am: After the shooting at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen, about them too reported, the Stuttgart-based vehicle business has actually likewise provided an initial declaration. “We were deeply saddened and stunned by the awful news from Sindelfingen today. Our ideas are with the victims, their households and all your associates at the website.” Stuttgart Gazette according to that. “We verify that 2 individuals have actually passed away. Someone remains in cops custody. They are workers of an external provider.”

At the 5th gate to the factory buildings there is a car with an inscription
Police have actually launched info about the course of occasions at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen. According to reports, mechanical security was likewise associated with the arrest of the shooter. © Julian Rettig/dpa

Like Photo found on the website from employees who had actually left the Sindelfingen factory, the attack by the suspect, who is now in custody, is stated to have actually targeted the leader of the Mercedes-Benz group. The shots were likewise fired in the location of the group leader’s workplace.

First report from May 11, 9: 40 am: Stuttgart/Sindelfingen– Like that Ludwigsburg Police Department validated on Twitter are at Factory 56 of Mercedes Benz shots were fired at Stuttgart’s greatest automobile business in Sindelfingen, eliminating a single person and seriously hurting another. He had Photo info about the occasion. “One individual was eliminated, one was seriously hurt,” an authorities spokesperson informed the paper. “The background is still uncertain. The criminal was detained.”

An emergency situation call was gotten by the Ludwigsburg authorities in the early morning and after that an unique job force surrounded the location of the factory. A big number of rescue employees were sent out to the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen, as well as 2 helicopters. “There is no longer any risk to employees in the factory,” composes the cops.

Shooting versus Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen: Police have actually cleared the raid

According to the very first unofficial details, there must have been an overall of 3 casualties at Mercedes Plant 1 in Sindelfingen. The Stuttgart news(StN) According to the seriously hurt individual was carried to the center by rescue helicopter. The background of the fact is still unclear, according to German news company(dpa) Ludwigsburg policeman have actually eliminated the case of murder. The cars and truck business itself might not offer any additional info on the shooting in Sindelfingen. “First we need to collect details,” stated the representative StN

Plant 56 on the Sindelfingen website is the future Mercedes-Benz plant, where the existing S-Class in addition to the EQS and EQE electrical cars are produced. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen is the biggest production plant of the Stuttgart-based worldwide group, which utilizes around 35,000 individuals on website. The Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen Customer Center is likewise situated there. In 2015, a driver broke the barrier and sped into the website.


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