New Hyundai Rotem at MSPO 2022

New Hyundai Rotem at MSPO 2022

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During the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO 2022, the South Korean business Hyundai Rotem provided its defense offering.

The emphasize of the provided variation was, obviously, tanks. Hyundai Rotem provided in the type of decreased designs (albeit on a bigger scale) a number of tanks of the K2 household and a brand-new generation vehicle, designated just as a brand-new generation primary fight tank (NG MBT).

K2 is typically represented by big examples of K2 in the Korean variation (the example reveals examples of tranches 1-3, which look the exact same from the outdoors) and the so-called. K2PL, organized in such a method regarding make it much easier for the observer to compare the 2 automobiles, useful to K2PL. This design, nevertheless, provides an unattainable K2PL idea with a brand-new turret, a brand-new turret and a variety of other modifications– at the very same time, another version will most likely be introduced, with extra armor, the KAPS active vehicle security system and other enhancements a number of. In basic, nevertheless, there will be less modifications than the K2PL design, and the target Polish automobile itself will resemble the Norwegian automobile, varying from it, to name a few things. the security system in usage (other than for the Rafael ADS Trophy HV was advised on the K2NO truck) or specific information of the devices (both in Polish and Norwegian cars, numerous parts of regional production, which are naturally various from each other, ought to be. utilized). K2NO is likewise provided as a decreasing representative.

The K2NO provided for Norway– the future K2PL will be normally the very same when it pertains to setup. Image by Bartłomiej Kucharski

The list of tanks is nearby the abovementioned NG MBT with an extremely top quality look, a pointer of the most sophisticated ideas. It needs to be a light tank, with a team of just 2-3 individuals, geared up with a 130 mm soft weapon and geared up with numerous ingenious services, consisting of. in vetronics to enable cooperation with unmanned cars. The work associated to K2PL might be a start to the joint building of a brand-new generation tank.


NG MBT– Hyundai Rotem’s deal for tankers, albeit restricted. It is expected to be a brand-new generation cars and truck that you will need to await a while. Picture by Bartłomiej Kucharski

Wheeled lorries were likewise not forgotten. Amongst them you can discover, for instance, an example drifting light who K808, the huge sibling of light which is K806 K806 and K808(likewise called KW1 and KW2) are normal agents of light wheeled APCs. The brief K806 weighs 16 heaps, and the K808 weighs 20 heaps (the real weight of each alternative certainly differs by weapon and devices). Far, the following variations have actually been provided based on the K806: a medical rescue vehicle, an armed workers provider (in 2 variations), a fire assistance vehicle with a 90 mm weapon. Far, on the basis of the K808: an assistance vehicle of Jupiter fire 8 × 8 with a 120 mm cannon, AAGW self-propelled anti-aircraft system120 mm self-propelled mortar, command vehicle and wheeled infantry battling vehicle.


NG WAV– who’s who of the brand-new generation by Hyundai Rotem. Picture by Bartłomiej Kucharski

Interestingly, the little and light K806 is not an amphibious vehicle, however the K808 can work out water challenges by itself. The deal is finished by the upcoming (and suitable with NG MBT) future NG WAV. It must be a much heavier cars and truck than the K808(approximately about 30 heaps), with excellent movement, and a hybrid automobile with contemporary devices. It ought to be discussed that Hyundai Rotem uses the cooperation of the Polish side in the advancement of the follower of Rosomak APC. A little to the side there is a location for the 6 × 6 HR Sherpa unmanned vehicle.


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