New Honda Civic e: HEV burns a little, however goes like a badass! Test, very first journey, cost in Poland

New Honda Civic e: HEV burns a little, however goes like a badass! Test, very first journey, cost in Poland

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Hard times have actually come for cars … no, not internal combustion, however hybrid cars. The brand-new Honda Civic e: HEV has actually needed to conceal its electrical drivetrain to prevent clients who are utilized to the high-revving engine noise and the driving qualities of a cars and truck with a manual transmission. To put it simply, he has the capability to control feelings.

When I supported the wheel of the Civic e: HEV in Madrid, I understood basically what to anticipate– another no-nonsense however no-nonsense hybrid. “this is our environment”. It clashed with the environment motivated by Honda’s Polish representative workplace prior to leaving, as if we were waiting to drive at least a sports variation of the Si! Let’s see what the debate is about and whose side the practice is on.

The brand-new Honda Civic e: HEV– simply common in look

First impressions? It’s been a long period of time because I’ve beinged in such a “conservative” cars and truck– with a low driving position, a broad arm location in between the seats, a big forward view (thin A-pillars) and no unneeded additionals that turn any cars and truck the brand-new one is the cross. The Honda Civic e: HEV, luckily, lacked this off-road design.

Here we are handling a traditional compact hatchback, which, thanks to its little shape, can be related to quick speed by some individuals. I am advised of the period of the very first Megane and the 2nd Astra, when hatchbacks were more refined than today. Whatever remains in the best location in the brand-new Civic– there is even a big back window rather of the split that has actually been a design sign considering that the damaged UFO.

Photo: Krzysztof Grabek/ Auto Świat

Honda Civic and side: HEV

I am purchasing this brand-new charm! Let the progressive Citroen C4 be. In a standard hatchback, variable headlights (just in the wealthiest Advance variation), a low roofline, nicely shaped bumpers (the back has a “diffuser”) and big adequate alloy wheels (as much as 18 inches here) suffice to get excellent view. Body modifications had little impact on the cabin– there is less area above the head in the back (more for the legs), and the trunk is lowered by 5 liters of the design (in the leading variation with 12 speakers. Bose Sound for 11 liters).

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The brand-new Honda Civic e: HEV– hybrid with combustion claws

But let’s come down to company! What is the experience of driving an internal combustion in a hybrid vehicle? The truth that the gasoline engine cuts fuel, whines and seldom passes the baton to the electrical motor? Not in this case! Honda Civic e: HEV is a deceptiveness, due to the fact that although the 184- horse power hybrid system that drives it attempts to keep the combustion engine on the roadway the majority of the time, and the “transmission” has just 2 equipment ratios (forward and reverse. ), it is simple to drive while driving.

Civic e: The HEV hybrid system uses a 2.0 liter petrol engine Photo: Krzysztof Grabek/ Auto Świat

Civic e: The HEV hybrid system utilizes a 2.0 liter gas engine

I learnt about it on a journey around Madrid, which had not just expressways, however likewise regional streets. There was a duration in the capital center that was complete. And think what? E-CVT with integrated electrical motor with a power of 184 HP and 315 Nm completely imitates genuine equipment modifications throughout velocity– on the 10.2- inch screen behind the wheel is shown with a power sign, and the result. enhanced by the noise of a gas engine played from the speakers.

Honda Civic e: HEV 2.0 i-MMD– Specifications:
Dimensions (length/ width/ height): 4550/1800/1415 mm
Wheel base: 2735 mm
Stem capability: 415(409) L.
Power/ torque gasoline engine: 143 hp/ 186 Nm
Power/ torque electrical motor: 184 hp/ 315 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h: 7.8 s– 8.1 s
Maximum speed: 180 km/ h
Your Wednesday (WLTP; integrated mode): 4.7– 5.1 l/ 100 km
Trailer weight: 750 kg with brakes/ 600 kg without brakes
Maximum pressure on the roofing: 65 kg
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It deserves keeping in mind that this is not the entry noise (and smelling “phony” for kilometers) of a fighter or V8, however a routine 4 cylinder. In Sport mode, the Active Sound Control system steps it up a bit– those who do not understand may believe that under the hood of the Honda Civic e: HEV there is a genuine VTEC.

When driving at continuous speed, nevertheless, the familiar peace from the “electrical experts” typically dominates in the cabin. It is peaceful even on the highway, due to the fact that the Honda engineers lastly did not be sorry for the shipment product. This is likewise due to the hybrid system itself, in which the internal combustion engine seldom drives the wheels– it concentrates on the function of the generator designated to it.

The smile on the face is supported by the effective combination of the guiding suspension and multi-links. The shuttlecock is precise and provides enjoyable resistance (you can increase it by choosing the Game mode or specific settings), and the shock absorbers carefully deal with the back. Regardless of this, the cars and truck is not scared even of a series of doglegs.

The pricey mountain wind is the most popular part of the Civic e: HEV Photo: Krzysztof Grabek/ Auto Świat

The expensive mountain wind is the most popular part of the Civic e: HEV

New Honda Civic e: HEV– and who requires a total electrical expert?

Well, because the brand-new Civic looks terrific and runs excellent, you’ll most likely need to spend for it at the dealership. Box once again! In spite of my best shots, neither I nor my coworker from the other editorial workplace might produce a storm in the tank. At the end of a range of 150 km, the Honda Civic e: HEV board computer system revealed 5.8 l/ 100 km! On this basis, I can think in the list of fuel intake at the rate of 4.7-5.1 l/ 100 km in the blended mode and the “diesel” variety at the rate of 850 km.

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So where is that spoonful of tar in the honey barrel? In the beginning glimpse, the Honda Civic e: HEV has a high entry limit– you require to put a minimum of 139,000 on the table to purchase it. PLN 900 (Elegance Edition). This is not little, however at first we get 2-zone automated environment control, a rear view video camera and parking sensing units, a plan of security systems Honda Sensing, various driving modes (Econ, Normal, Sport and Individual) or multimedia. station with a 9-inch screen, navigation and Apple CarPlay cordless connection (just Android Auto “on cable television”).

10.2 inch virtual clock screen (great picture!) Photo: Krzysztof Grabek/ Auto Świat

10.2 inch virtual clock screen (fantastic photo!)

Cost from 145 thousand. 900 PLN Sport contributes to this, to name a few, a cordless battery charger, second-row air vents, an automated dimming rear mirror, LED front fog lights and 18- inch alloy wheels. The variation likewise consists of a Advanced Advance, which includes adaptive headlights, power adjustable seats, a 12- speaker Bose stereo, a 10.2- inch display screen behind the wheel (7-inch + speedometer as basic) and a breathtaking sunroof.

For a totally geared up automobile you need to pay 159 thousand. 900 PLN. This is much less than for an unequipped “electrical expert”, the expense of which might be the very same, however at the expense of linking the cars and truck to electrical energy. You just require to refuel the Honda Civic e: HEV!


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