New Fiat Cronos – 250,000 units already delivered –

New Fiat Cronos – 250,000 units already delivered –

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Launched in 2018, the Fiat Cronos is Argentina’s best-selling car and has hit another milestone this week with the quarter-millionth car produced. Given the continuing popularity of the model, Stellantis is introducing a second production shift at its Ferreyra factory in Córdoba. 80 new employees and associates will get employment. The increase in production will be associated with an increase in purchases from local suppliers – the company estimates that it will be an additional cost of 10 billion pesos (equivalent to approximately PLN 343 million).

The Fiat Cronos is still the car made in Argentina with the highest integration of internal parts (48%), the best-selling car in the Argentine market (10.8% of the total market), and the export volume increased by more than 74% compared to last year.

On September 27, 2022, Stellantis, the largest car group in Argentina, produced the 250,000th Fiat Cronos at its plant in Ferreyra, Cordoba. The commercial success of the model required a reorganization of processes using technology 4.0, which allowed a second productive transformation with 80 new partners. The new production plan will have an impact on Argentina’s industrial and social development, as the growth alone will mean around 10 billion pesos more when purchasing materials from local SMEs. Since its launch, Fiat Cronos has become an icon of the domestic car industry, reaching and breaking records in production and sales in the Argentine market.

250,000 copies in 4 years

Fiat Cronos in color Red Montecarlo it became the 250,000th example of this model, which is a milestone that only a few Fiat cars can reach in the history of the brand’s production in Argentina. Among them was the Fiat 600, the traditional “Fitito” which, after 22 years of production, reached 294,000 units.

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The success of Stellantis, just a year and a half after its creation, is due to its teams. The increase in production allowed the inclusion of new employees in the company. When recruiting new people, efforts were made to keep as balanced as possible in terms of diversity. As a result, the first group of women trained to join the challenge of producing such an “Argentinian” car was welcomed into the workforce. This will continue in the future with a commitment to maintain 50% gender equality in future recruitment.

Diversity and customer focus are the main pillars of the strategy through which Stellantis leads its automotive world. A large part of the group’s success in Argentina depends on working in this area.

New production changes

The opening of the second shift in the Cordoba Factory made it possible to adapt production methods to market demands, creating flexible and industrially efficient processes while improving quality. This reorganization of production also included the restructuring of internal facilities to accommodate the new material procurement methods that Stellantis is developing worldwide.

The most Argentinian car

Since its launch, Fiat Cronos has been called the car with the largest integration of domestic components, which means that almost one in two parts of the car is produced by local suppliers. For this reason, the increase in production will add 10 billion pesos in purchases from local suppliers.

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Modified Fiat Cronos

The Cronos Fiesta MY2023 is a redesigned model with a new exterior design, the inclusion of a CVT automatic transmission and the addition of new features in support and after-sales services. The new 2023 line has a total of 5 versions, one of which is dedicated to a special sales channel. All cars have the same type of engine displaced at 1.3 liters. The versions offered are named as follows:
– 1.3 MT OF INTEREST (special sale only)
– 1.3 RUN MT
– 1.3 DRIVE MT Pack S-Design

The engine is the famous and efficient 8-valve FIREFLY engine with timing chain that produces a maximum power of 99hp (72.8KW at 6,000rpm) and 128Nm (4,000rpm). The unit is combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox or with the new continuously variable CVT gearbox (Continuous Variable Distribution)

This gearbox is one of the brand’s latest innovations, known for its comfort, lightness, efficiency and utility. Among its main features is the ability to change the manual mode with seven preset gears and the new SPORT MODE function that allows you to change the acceleration parameters and control gear changes for a better driving experience.

As for the exterior, the front radiator grille has been changed: more chrome details have been added. On the occasion of the facelift, new lip designs have also been seen on all versions and a new body color debuts: Strato Grey in a pastel shade. The S-DESIGN version now has bronze finishes instead of black.

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Inside, new features include a new steering wheel common to all versions, a darkened interior and a front fascia only available on the PRECISION CVT.

Sales leader in Argentina and regional reference

The Fiat Cronos is the car of choice for Argentines, positioned as the market leader for 26 consecutive months with more than 109,000 units registered since its launch in the country.

The model became a benchmark in the segment with a market share of 10.8%.

In February 2022, Fiat Cronos achieved the largest market share of 15.2%, the best result for a Fiat model since 1993, and represents a historic performance that made the model the cornerstone of the leadership of the Stellantis Group in Argentina.

On the other hand, the most important in the region Brazilian market The car produced in Cordoba, Argentina, is on the podium in its segment with a share of 15.9%. This position in the most important market in the region and consolidation in other markets allowed Fiat Cronos export growth by 74% compared to 2021.

collection Krzysztof Gregorczyk; photo: Fiat / Stellantis

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