New 2022 Ford Equator Sport: Specs, Price, Release Date

New 2022 Ford Equator Sport: Specs, Price, Release Date

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The brand-new design of the Equator series full-size crossover, which is popular in China, worked as the structure for the advancement of its smaller sized equivalent, which will likewise be offered in China under the Ford Equator Sport 2022 name.

The brand-new crossover vehicle will debut together with a more intricate and costly full-size model. Currently in the very first variation of the Equator Sport for the 2022 design year, it includes an altered front optics, an initial rear style, and a range of remarkable interior alternatives.

In the front forecast shot, you can see the design of the economical five-door hatchback according to American requirements:

  • Along the hood’s wavy relief;-LRB-
  • Three-piece headlight obstructs in a compact size;-LRB-
  • The mesh of the polygonal radiator shroud has a “flaky” texture;-LRB-
  • The sign and fog lights are organized in a block pattern, as are the diffusers, which are organized in a L pattern.

Ford Equator Sport 2022 2

The outside is decorated with a chrome-plated decorative movie and the business symbol, in addition to a series of athletic action reliefs and a rugged edge around the thin protective bezel for the body package.

From a less official profile, the upgraded body commands more attention due to the meaningful contrast in between the light summary of the side windows and the black gloss of the pillars, the muscular texture of the side panels, and the appealing pattern of the 17- inch rims.

A protective limit matching to crossover status, little overhangs, and plastic off-road add-on aspects all operate in consistency with the entourage, integrating protective and decorative functions completely. The roadway capacity is rather limited, as the Cross’s chassis is not created for all-wheel drive.

  • The modification considerably changed the back of the case’s design. Insight:
  • Rear glazing is minimal and is matched with an ornamental spoiler;-LRB-
  • Position and brake lights in its initial design;-LRB-

The tailgate is embellished with elaborate nameplates, interesting style themes, and stepped reliefs.

Linear fog lights, dazzling style aspects, and phony grilles for appealing exhaust diffusers are consisted of on the textured surface area of the strong plastic body package. Regardless of the lanterns’ existing styles, the stern style is controlled by retro-style components.

Reducing the body measurements of the Ford Equator Sport 2022 design had a substantial impact on the luggage compartment volume, preserving the exact same degree of landing and roadway convenience for the driver and guests.

The vibrantly colored environment of the beauty salon shows the hair salon’s deserving quality. Low-priced however appealing and long lasting finishing products, existing innovation, and ergonomically shaped seats are currently basic.

The front panel keeps the block architecture of the console’s hybrid analogue-digital scavenger and media details screen, supplemented by the exact same kind of command-and-touch performance as the previous design.

The brand-new medium format crossover is categorized as such because it has navigation and environment control systems, boosted multimedia circuit settings, traffic tracking, and other important functions.

The tunnel comes requirement with a transmission lever, a multimedia washer, and a collection of organizers. The armrest’s two-leaf setup presupposes the existence of a volumetric cooling chamber.

Several of the mechanical buttons for the onboard settings are located on the multifunction wheel’s big side spokes and on the front door panels.

The pilot chairs’ service, which is exceptionally great for their rate variety, provides total assistance, lots of change varieties, and heated and aerated seats. The lack of travel features on the back sofa is rather made up for by a generous quantity of offered area for each of the 3 other travelers.

The body structure has actually been customized to accommodate the transport of huge freight. By transferring the couch in the flooring specific niche, the 330 liter trunk’s reasonably minimal filling volume is more than quadrupled.

Ford Equator Sport 2022 3

Technical specs

The outside measurements of the very first generation Ford Equator Sport 2022 are 4630 x 1935 and 1706 mm. The main base has actually been diminished to 2726 mm in size. The five-door crossover SUV signs up with the Ford Escape lineup with its exclusive cousin.

With a high opportunity, the American crossover will utilize the front-wheel drive strut torsion suspension common of spending plan designs, along with a very little set of roadway and functional security functions.

The 1.5-liter EcoBoost gas turbo engine produces as much as 170 horse power and has a max torque of 260 Nm. The engine’s traction qualities are efficiently and effectively carried out by the automated eight-speed transmission.

Although the test drive has actually been finished on all requirements, the last findings are still being processed. The producer assurances compliance with the Euro 5 ecological requirement, a leading speed of 180 kilometers per hour, and a typical fuel intake of 5.8 to 6.4 liters. The time needed to speed up the very first hundred is not defined in the offered information.

Alternatives and expenses

The brand-new Ford Equator Sport for the 2022 design year will be presented in a single standard trim level. Formally, the beginning rate for brand-new items is 26,000 euros.


Budget five-seater crossovers from the Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster, JAC S7, Chery Tiggo 7, or homegrown Largus Cross class all correctly declare the status of full-fledged competitors.


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