New Workers require to the streets in Friedrichshafen

New Workers require to the streets in Friedrichshafen

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At the May public conference of the DGB and IG Metall on the banks of the river, the very first agent of IG Metall Friedrichshafen-Oberschwaben and Singen, Helene Sommer, explained the needs of business owners for the constraint of the right to strike as “careless”.

The DGB unions handled the right to strike “reasonably”. In contrast to Europe, there are couple of strike days in Germany. Sommer sees the enforcement of cumulative arrangements as an unique job for trade unions. They will not be offered.

The war in Ukraine ought to never ever be regular in Europe, worried Plenipotentiary 1 to the applause of the crowd regardless of the uninviting weather condition.

A require uniformity with all strikes

The war demonstrates how reliant the economy remains in a globalized world, where Germany advantages, however in the coming years one needs to think of how to place oneself– likewise towards China. “Change through trade” alone does not work, as the Russian example programs, states Sommer.

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He dealt with the big rate boost in the food sector, which mainly impacts employees and can not be totally soaked up by the wage contract. He got in touch with his leaders to reveal uniformity with others, such as those on rail strike. They campaigned to raise the base pay, which benefited 6 million individuals.

” But what we require is cumulative incomes”, that is why it is the duty of the trade unions to carry out the cumulative arrangement. Helene Sommer discussed the business where she was last approached and gotten in touch with the employees to examine the guarantees of the companies and discover the trade unions. In the development of work councils.

Criticism of short-term work

When it concerned reforms, he got in touch with companies to invest and not rest when their order books are complete. Modification will come “whether we like it or not”, that’s why it’s crucial to keep an eye on how business and items are advancing. He provided the employees to accompany the modification with the unions and prepare them for it.

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The young duo Lorena Ioco and Daniele Pasquale from Rolls-Royce Power Systems and ZF called short-lived work “exploitation” and required a reasonable reform of the circular economy and more sustainability. Your desire: security at work, since: “We understand what we are worthy of”.

DGH staff members require brand-new tasks

The chairman of the works council of the DGH Sandcasting business in Friedrichshafen, which will fail, Gabriele Süss-Köstler, gotten in touch with the business to employ the employees (250) who will quickly be jobless so that individuals do not need to. standing in front of the doors of the employment service. Those trained by acknowledged specialists who wish to work were worked with at DGH.

Airbus Defense and Space Council Chairman Christian Birkhofer can be positive about his business. The build-up of order in the area is great, and the defense sector is likewise included and from Europe, he reported. As in other business, trainees and young employees grumbled about real estate scarcities and high costs.

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Despite the cloudy sky, Celin Müller from Rolls-Royce Power Systems developed a lovely environment with his tunes.


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