New Who slept well last night: Helmut Marko

New Who slept well last night: Helmut Marko

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Red Bull sporting director Helmut Marko at the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix


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Looking at the present standings in the motorists’ and fabricators’ champions suffices to understand that the hour has actually been available in Formula 1: Red Bull controls, which is clear.

But there is something various from previous years after 4 Grands Prix up until now in the 2023 season. Since Sergio Perez is succeeding with Max Verstappen and has actually currently won two times this season, like Verstappen. If you include the success in the Baku race, Perez is somewhat ahead here.

The finest birthday present for Helmut Marko

This group of stars is possibly the very best present for Red Bull sporting director Helmut Marko on his 80 th birthday, which he commemorated on the Thursday prior to the Baku weekend. It appears like Red Bull can accomplish what Marko still wishes to attain this year: very first and 2nd location in the motorists’ champion.

Red Bull did not attain that regardless of 4 successive World Cup titles in between 2010 and 2013 with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Red Bull can do it for the very first time this year with Verstappen and Perez.

One of the factors for this is, naturally, the exceptional RB19, presently the very best cars and truck in Formula 1. In racing trim, this racing automobile remains in a distinct class and leaves all other cars behind, particularly in regards to speed and speed. utilizing DRS. In Baku it was once again clear to see: Verstappen and Perez quickly retreat from the field, then run their own race.

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Perez exists when it matters most

And unlike numerous occasions of previous years, this year Perez exists when there is something to gather. He won in Saudi Arabia after Verstappen’s bad certifying and likewise won in Azerbaijan after Verstappen’s unforeseen stop. In both cases, Verstappen was the bottom line (simply) quickly, however Perez capitalized.

His efficiency in Baku is notable: after Perez took the lead throughout the security cars and truck stage, Verstappen just got close enough as soon as to be within striking range. After that, Perez kept a space of more than a 2nd on his team-mate, coming out of the middle of Verstappen’s race and after that letting it collapse and fall even more back.

In brief: It was a perfect video game by Perez, who when again revealed what he can do when the indications are best for him.

Is Perez a danger to Verstappen?

The huge concern now is: Can he produce comparable efficiencies throughout the season for the very first time and make the champion fight versus Verstappen really interesting? Does he have that position?

I do not wish to denigrate or misrepresent, however to be sincere I can’t envision that in 2023 we will see 2 Red Bull chauffeurs go head-to-head at the Grands Prix. Verstappen is too helpful for that and Perez, as the experience of current years has actually taught us, is not constantly at his finest.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2023 in Azerbaijan: The most crucial aspect of Sunday

Because if we take a look at the outcomes up until now, Verstappen might have won all the previous races if whatever went right from his viewpoint. It was not the case and Perez benefited, although the bottom line is that he can not manage the very same efficiency as Verstappen. And after that there are likewise weekends like in Australia, where Perez is not rather best …

Verstappen stays the preferred for the 2023 world title

Look inside qualifiers for the 2023 season reveals: If they all do a typical certifying session, Verstappen is more than a tenth of a 2nd ahead on the flying lap. That’s less than previous years, however enough to make a distinction. Outcome: Verstappen is the one in charge in your home of Red Bull, just Perez is second.

In previous years, this has actually frequently led some to make use of the efficiency space at Red Bull and press themselves in between Verstappen and Perez. This year, nevertheless, the RB19 provides chauffeurs a specific buffer that makes Marko’s enthusiastic objective appear sensible. Since I believe that Verstappen will be world champ in the end. It would be sensible for Perez to take 2nd location in the general standings and therefore a “double win” for Red Bull, for the very first time in Formula 1.

Why Helmut Marko can rest simple

The possibility of this would enable Red Bull sporting director Marko to sleep effectively at the age of 80 after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Due to the fact that he himself stated in ‘ORF’: “In the middle we were the 2nd speed than others.”

But Marko is likewise a realist who understands that after 4 of the 23 Grands Prix in the 2023 Formula 1 season, absolutely nothing is chosen, not even from another location. That is why it is “frightening” for him how the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and the Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso remained in the last of Baku, i.e. “as quick as us,” stated Marko.

Does Max wish for a colleague?

A minimum of that’s Ralf Schumacher’s theory. The Sky expert thinks that things are going on under the surface area of the Red Bull group. More Formula 1 videos

In addition to their exceptional speed, another element likewise plays into the hands of his group: There are no direct challengers, a minimum of not one challenger who is constantly the very same.

Or as Marko states himself: “We remain in a fortunate scenario that Alonso, Leclerc and the Mercedes chauffeurs are defending 3rd location. There is constantly backward and forward. This suggests that our management is excellent.”

The very same uses to expectations throughout the World Cup standings. The scenario after 4 races up until now speaks volumes for Red Bull.

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And who did not sleep well after the race in Azerbaijan? As constantly, you can discover in the sis column of editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll.

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