New What are the common problems?

New What are the common problems?

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Interested in a popular German compact cars and truck on the utilized market? Let’s check out the most common problems with the Volkswagen Golf 6 diesel!

Founded in 1974, The volkswagen golf it is a should on our European roadways. The 6th generation of the Volkswagen Star, offered in 2008, was introduced to take on the Peugeot 308, Renault Mégane and Ford Focus in the C-segment sedan market.

The Golf 6 is a design that can now be discovered in abundance on the pre-owned market, at a cost of around 8,000 euros in diesel TDI. Prior to you buy, let’s have a look common problems and volkswagen golf 6-diesel!

Volkswagen Golf 6 diesel: inspect problems

The Volkswagen Golf of the 6th generation is not unsusceptible to mechanical damage, specifically with diesel motor. Here are the primary problems to try to find:

Needle: the issue primarily worries the 105- horse power 1.6 TDI engine, which experiences needles that capture rapidly (EUR 3,200 for 4). Particular indications, such as popping and shaking, are indications of difficulty. Modifications were made to the design in 2011 to get rid of the issue.

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EGR valve: on all diesel motors, the EGR valve goes through early blocking, in some cases as early as 50,000 km, and, in addition, problems with cooling. Some indications such as loss of power and black smoke reveal the requirement to alter it (800 EUR in overall).

Water pump: this issue happened primarily till 2012 in the whole variety, the TDI 2.0 of 140 horse power was the most impacted. A possible pump leakage is suggested by heat and/ or low water level. The part requires to be changed, with the circulation devices (800 EUR).

Flywheel: on all diesel motors (other than 90 horse power), however specifically on TDIs 105 and 110 horse power, the flywheel is delicate and can wear the clutch too soon (EUR 1,500).

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Volkswagen Golf 6 diesel: which engine to pick?

For a smaller sized budget plan, the 1.6 TDI engine with a power of 90 horses is smooth and reveals a pick-up equivalent to that of the TDI with a power of 110 horses, regardless of the absence of torque at low revs. The 105 horse power variation is the most common, and it shines in its volume (6.1 liters/100 km), in spite of the lack of a 6th equipment that would add to lowering its intake and sound level.

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If you have more budget plan, return to the TDI 2.0 of 140 horse power, which decreases well and takes, with a determined intake of 5.9 liters/ 100 km, and excellent enjoyable thanks to its manual transmission.


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