New We might see the discussion of the BMW 7 Series just recently at the BMW M-Cars Showroom in Nowy Sącz|BMW, The 7, BMW 7 Series, the brand-new BMW 7 Series

New We might see the discussion of the BMW 7 Series just recently at the BMW M-Cars Showroom in Nowy Sącz|BMW, The 7, BMW 7 Series, the brand-new BMW 7 Series

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BMW is bringing the high-end section into a brand-new age that will be sustained by development in the field of sustainability and digitalization. With the brand-new BMW 7 Series, the world’s most effective premium automobile producer produces future-proof methods to take pleasure in driving, exceptional long-distance convenience and a superior digital experience.

At the heart of this analysis is the BMW i7. The high-end electrical sedan is a totally incorporated member of the design household and plainly shows how a distinct driving experience and exceptional wellness on board can be integrated with a steadfast dedication to sustainability.

The generational modification over the BMW design variety is covered in a brand-new meaning of high-end that concentrates on the specific and his individual mindsets, requirements and sensations. In addition to the existence, beauty and extraordinary quality of the charge, there is a sustainable technique revealed by developments that straight enhance the user experience, the range of connection and the sustainability of the vehicle.

In this method, the brand-new BMW 7 Series is created to fulfill the requirements of a modern-day target group that sees itself as dedicated to fulfilling obstacles properly– and one that sees individual movement as a way of living a special minute in daily life and in life. roadway.

BMW 7: a sign of imaginative power and an essential action in the present offending design

The brand-new BMW 7 Series integrates a modern design that concentrates on crucial aspects in exterior and interior style. The front style of BMW cars in the high-end sector is controlled by brand-specific functions, however a clear difference is made in between these designs and others in the BMW variety.

Innovative functions such as the BMW Theater Display, the BMW iDrive driving experience and the current generation of the BMW 8 os, along with the curved BMW screen and Maneuver Assistant for automated parking and driving under the line of the progressive character. of a high-end sedan.

In addition to the increased level of convenience and the special in-car home entertainment system, the rear choice of the Executive Lounge with its better reclining position and interior design in BMW Individual leather merino/ cashmere wool takes a pioneering technique to increasing wellness inside. vehicle.

45 years after the launching of the BMW 7 Series, the seventh generation of the design is becoming the most sophisticated and ingenious vehicle in the high-end section. At the very same time, the brand-new variation influences creativity with a total style consistency unequaled by any rival. The BMW 7 Series is therefore when again a sign of the ingenious power of the BMW Group.

The opening night of the brand-new BMW 7 Series in April 2022 and its worldwide market launching from November 2022 is an essential action in the brand name’s existing offensive in the high-end sector.

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7 - a new BMW

Offer os adjusted to market uniqueness, cultured production location

The brand-new BMW 7 Series has actually been created from the ground up for the most requiring groups in the international market. This is likewise shown in the unique portfolio of the electrical market, that includes a special variation for China– as an essential sales location of the business– and a diesel design for Europe.

The brand-new generation of BMW high-end sedans opens a brand-new measurement of area. Unlike its predecessors, the brand-new BMW 7 Series will be readily available worldwide as a long-wheelbase design that increases rear area. Different elements of his character are specified by the usage of unique style aspects and power versions.

The brand-new BMW 7 Series likewise consists of designs from the BMW i and BMW M brand names, that makes it possible to highlight its lots of functions– from stylish, modern-day and sustainable to meaningful, stylish and effective.

For the very first time ever, the brand-new BMW 7 Series provides an option of combustion engines, plug-in hybrids and a totally electrical drive. The degree of distinction in the powertrain portfolio is based upon a brand-new versatile vehicle architecture and is an example of the worldwide design technique for the brand-new BMW 7 Series. This enables the BMW Group to concentrate on private client requirements, facilities. legal concerns and policies in all appropriate vehicle markets worldwide.

The European market launch will at first just include the BMW i7. In the United States, China and other picked sales areas, 2 designs will be provided together with an electrical version, each with a gasoline engine and 48 V hybrid innovation. Plug-in versions of the brand-new BMW 7 Series are anticipated to appear in the majority of markets from early 2023.

These will consist of the very first BMW M Model with a straight 6 fuel engine and a hybrid hybrid. A diesel design variation with 48 V hybrid innovation will be contributed to the European variety soon after the marketplace launch. More versions of the totally electrical BMW i7, consisting of the future state-of-the-art BMW i7 M70 xDrive, will be offered at a later date.

As with all predecessors, the brand-new BMW 7 Series will be produced at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing. The business’s primary production center in Europe will integrate custom and the future and will likewise be the BMW Group’s center of quality for the production of electrical drive elements. The extremely incorporated electrical drive train and high-voltage battery of the BMW i7 will likewise be provided there.

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Cars with internal combustion engines, plug-in hybrid systems and electrical powertrains will all roll off the very same assembly line in Dingolfing. In addition to the totally electrical BMW iX and the brand-new BMW 7 Series, the BMW 8 Series high-end cars and BMW 5 Series designs are likewise used here.


Two BMW M designs based upon the brand-new BMW 7 Series

The brand-new BMW 7 Series variety will be broadened worldwide with 2 BMW M designs with energized powertrains. New BMW M760 e xDrive (fuel intake integrated: 1.2– 1.1 l/ 100 km [235,4– 256,8 mpg imp]; electrical energy intake in the combined cycle: 26.9– 25.8 kWh/ 100 km; CO 2 emissions: 28-25 g/ km on the WLTP cycle; NEDC information: -) has an output of 420 kW/ 571 hp and a torque of 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) and will go into service in spring 2023.

Its electrical motor offers an increase of time with an extra 30 kW/ 40 hp when amazing velocity is the order of business. The M-specific outside and interior decoration, consisting of the exhaust system and 2 various tailpipes with a special geometry, highlight the efficiency attributes of the BMW M design with plug-in hybrid innovation.

The future flagship design, the brand-new BMW i7 M70 xDrive (WLTP energy intake: 26.4– 21.2 kWh/ 100 km; CO 2 emissions: 0 g/ km; NEDC information), will have a totally electrical diesel system and 2 engines– on the front and rear axles– and will be readily available later on in2023 Its drivetrain supplies an optimal power of more than 600 hp and an optimum torque of 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft).

The most effective BMW design ever signed up for roadway usage, it speeds up from 0 to 100 km/h (62 miles per hour) in less than 4.0 seconds. (All information on the power, efficiency and energy intake of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive are price quotes based upon the existing phase of the vehicle’s advancement, consisting of overtime).

MBW 7 new

A special digital experience thanks to the brand-new BMW iDrive and BMW 8

The driving enjoyment, long-distance convenience and user experience in the brand-new BMW 7 Series are significantly boosted by the newest developments in the field of digitization. The brand-new BMW 7 Series provides clients a brand-new multi-sensory driving experience BMW iDrive and the most recent generation of the BMW 8 os.

Thanks to the curved BMW digital display screen, the BMW Interaction Bar, the prolonged abilities of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant– along with the extra My Ways, the most recent variation of the BMW Head-Up Display and Augmented View, is offered for the very first time initially in the info display screen behind the guiding wheel– the user-friendly discussion in between the driver and the automobile has actually reached a brand-new level.

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Rear travelers are invited by a distinct home entertainment deal in the type of the brand-new BMW Theater Screen– a 31.3- inch widescreen in 32:9 format with 8K resolution, which extends below the roofing system and changes the 2nd row of seats into a special. a personal movie theater on wheels. The driver and front traveler can likewise stream YouTube video as needed for the very first time on the control panel screen. A suitable 5G antenna system guarantees quick connection in the brand-new BMW 7 Series.

The new BMW 7

Safety redefined: The brand-new BMW 7 Series with BMW Protection Vehicle requirements

A high-security automobile based upon the brand-new BMW 7 Series, which will be contributed to the variety in 2023, is presently in advancement. Thanks to the incorporated defense principle that is special in this section and has actually been entirely established from scratch, the fight design alternative satisfies the unique requirements of authorities, federal government authorities and high-ranking individuals who require unique security.

The advancement of the brand-new BMW 7 Series with a high level of security is based upon an ingenious defense principle established by the BMW Group. This makes sure the extremely high levels of security along with levels of interior convenience, driving characteristics and flight convenience utilized in the brand-new BMW 7 Series variety. Advancement and production integrated in an unique production procedure at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing will produce a vehicle with a high level of security according to the brand-new BMW 7 Series will set brand-new requirements.


New BMW 760 i xDrive *
Fuel intake in l/ 100 km (consisting of WLTP): 11.2 l/ 100 km
CO2 emissions in g/km (integrated, WLTP): 255
All information are preliminary worths.

The brand-new BMW i7 xDrive60 *
Power usage in kWh/ 100 km (consisting of WLTP): 19.6– 18.4;-LRB- Electricity in km (WLTP): 590– 625; 310 ml (EPA)
All information are preliminary worths.

New BMW M760 e xDrive *
Fuel intake in liters/ 100 km (consisting of WLTP): 1.2– 1.1/ 100 km,
Energy usage in kWh/ 100 km (WLTP integrated): 26.9– 25.8
CO2 emissions in g/km (WLTP integrated): 28-25
All information are preliminary worths.

BMW M-Cars Showroom
Nowy Sącz, 179 Tarnowska Street


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