New Volkswagen shares: Falling once again– Volkswagen shares open behind the Dax

New Volkswagen shares: Falling once again– Volkswagen shares open behind the Dax

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Volkswagen shares: things are going downhill once again

Volkswagen share: Down again - Volkswagen is behind Dax

Volkswagen share: Down once again– Volkswagen lags Dax

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With a down motion of 2.15 percent, the Volkswagen AG stock just made it down 3rd of the Dax.

D The worth of the Lower Saxony car manufacturer is presently noted at 127.48 euros, the previous day’s closing cost was 130.28 euros. Volkswagen is down after an excellent couple of days and it stays to be seen if there is more disadvantage in this stock.

With the 38 th location and a minus of 2.15%, Volkswagen is now in the 3rd location listed below the Dax, which increases by 0.75% in basic.

The stock presently has a trading volume of 432,313 traded shares. An overall of 766,278 shares were traded throughout the previous trading day.

Shares of the business are down 35.48 percent from their 52- week high of $19759 The 52- week low was 120.56 euros.

Not just since of the variety of 656,000 staff members (up until August 2021) Volkswagen remains in the 5th location in the most essential index of the German stock exchange. Due to the Lower Saxony-based carmaker’s market price of 77.96 billion euros, the business has a weighting of 5.55% when determining the Dax. By contrast: Linde presently has the greatest stock exchange worth in the Dax with a market capitalization of 139.10 billion euros. In the ended for Volkswagen AG on December 31, sales of 250.20 billion euros and revenues of 19.28 billion euros were tape-recorded.

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