New Trump’s “animals” have actually gotten here in Warsaw. The well-known Cadillac One finished refueling in Orlen

New Trump’s “animals” have actually gotten here in Warsaw. The well-known Cadillac One finished refueling in Orlen

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Both Cadillac Ones were hauled from the military airfield there Okęcie to the American embassy in the nation in Warsaw Along the method, under the guidance of the Secret Service and the Warsaw cops, who boasted about the experiment on Twitter, fanned to Orlen.

Each of the brand-new generation limos costs about 1.5 million dollars Cars have actually enhanced specifications and suspension compared to the old variations, which were still utilized by the president Obama Most notably, the “Beast” is not based upon the stock design of Cadillac, however an entirely brand-new, tailored style. Called the Air Force One Cadillac, it was nicknamed “The Beast” by Secret Service representatives, not without factor. Each automobile weighs 9 lots and burns 30 liters gasoline for 100 km.

Cadillac One– a tank with a 4 × 4 vehicle

The vehicle is safeguarded by a mishap attack utilizing weapon chemical and biological, mines, bombs, and even in case of a rocket attack. What more? The tires were enhanced utilizing Kevlar utilized on military helmets and bulletproof vests. As if that wasn’t enough, the “Beast” has a night vision system, tear gas launchers and the travelers are greatly equipped. At any time the president United States can utilize checked wiretaps telephone satellite.

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If by some wonder Donald Trump He is seriously hurt in the attack of “The Beast”, the limo likewise has rescue devices, consisting of capillary for the president. In addition to an armed driver and Secret Service representatives, Cadillac One likewise takes a trip with a service technician on standby. The monster seems a completely self-contained castle on wheels.

Donald Trump’s check out to Warsaw will occur on September 1-2 and will be gotten in touch with the event of the 80 th anniversary of the break out of the Second World War. war the world.


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