New The fastest driver from Olsztyn in the FIACECZ rallycross round in Greinbach

New The fastest driver from Olsztyn in the FIACECZ rallycross round in Greinbach

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Zbigniew Staniszewski in the Ford Fiesta RX won the 3rd round of receiving the Central European Rallycross Championship in the supercar class, which occurred on Sunday (May 14) at the track in Greinbach, Austria. The driver from Olsztyn fearlessly withstood the attacks of regional chauffeurs and Czech Ales Fucik. The latter will not count Sunday’s competitors as a success. By crashing Staniszewski’s automobile in the grand last of the Czech Republic, he was disqualified by the judges and just the points gotten in the certifying heat went to his account.

Despite the heavy rain and the fortuitous conditions on the track, Staniszewski was totally concentrated on carrying out the strategy detailed prior to the start. He won all the certifying matches and the last. Now, with the group, in much better condition than in the past, he plays the leader of the European Championship of the main zone to Poland.

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— Conditions were tough as it drizzled all weekend– states Staniszewski. — Competitors from corner cuts brought mud to the track and it was really tough. A bet of 8 supercars implied that everybody might blend the competitors here. Throughout the race, Ales Fucik lagged us and crossed the goal behind us. In the grand last he struck the back of my cars and truck, which triggered me to go off the track for a while and lose the lead. The judges were alert. They saw that he did it with excellent impulse and triggered me to be pressed out of the method. He got a black flag for this and was gotten rid of from the grand last. That scenario occurred in the last corner of the competitors and it cost us a little. We were leading throughout certifying and the last, and thankfully it landed well. We deliver a great deal of points and lead considerably in the cycle. Coming here, we did not have pleased faces, due to the fact that up until now Fucik won the grand last. Let me advise you that it remains in the finals where most points are scored, not in the playoff rounds. The functions have actually altered. We have actually won whatever and we are returning as winners.

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Final FIA CEZ Greinbach 14.052023

1. Zbigniew Staniszewski, Ford Fiesta RX, 3: 35,375
2. Gerald Eder, Skoda Fabia, 3: 28,252
3. Alois Holler, Ford Fiesta RX, 3: 30,247

FIA CEZ supercars after removal 3

1. Zbigniew Staniszewski– 56 points
2. Ales Fucik– 46 points
3. Alois Holler– 42 pts.

Full outcomes: _ rc_greinbach


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