New The 2nd round of the Int. NK Oval Tournament on Thursday 18 May (Ascension Day) in Ter Apel

New The 2nd round of the Int. NK Oval Tournament on Thursday 18 May (Ascension Day) in Ter Apel

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TER APEL– Second series in Int. The Dutch Oval Racing in Ter Apel is currently arranged for Thursday May 18 (Ascension Day).

After the effective opening race on Easter Monday, where the De Polderputten parking lot was once again ‘old made’ filled with sports lovers, intriguing races in the multi-participant racing classes can likewise be completely taken pleasure in throughout this round race. In addition to the routine classes, Stockrods is likewise a start at this time, which typically just gets in the phase on the circular pavement of Posterholt in Limburg. They go to the Ter Apel circuit to gather points for their Dutch champion. In addition, motorists from autocross, in the Cross to 2000 cc class, will likewise be seen.

Relationships in Teens …

In the Junior class, in which youths aged 11 to 16 work, it is abnormally amazing in the standings of the Dutch National Championship. Throughout the Easter race, the winner in the last chose the outcome. The success went to Cato Caspers, who is from Kampen in Overijssel. In the standings of the Dutch National Championship, the day’s winner Cato Caspers is precisely the like Brian Kuper from Ter Apel and Keano Boes from Vroomshoop. New to the Junior class in the opening race was Jonas Krüger from Mönchengladbach. Throughout the Ascension Day race, Djano Netten from Venlo will likewise complete in the Juniors for the very first time.

Heins controlled the 2000 Level …

In the Standard 2000 class it was Iwan Heins from Schoonoord who handled to take 3 straight-out wins throughout the Easter race and hence leave everybody behind throughout the opening race. Dutch numerous champ Helmut Sonnenberg began his resurgence highly with 2nd location in race 1. He was not able to reach that position in the rest of the race day. In the end, the Schans/Groen group from Ter Apel handled to take 2nd location in the everyday standings and the Brakel group likewise from Ter Apel completed in 3rd location. More individuals are likewise anticipated in this class throughout the season. The very first of the chauffeurs we will see in action throughout Ascension Day this season is Michel van der Zwaag from Ter Apel, after a lack of a number of seasons he is now back with a brand name brand-new cars and truck.

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Rookie Rods complete for Golden Helmet Award …

As the ruling champ and existing leader in the Dutch Rookie Rods Championship, # 1 Jesse van den Akker from Nuland is the preferred to win the fight for the Golden Helmet prize. In this class, which typically unites a big field of individuals, the distinctions in between motorists are really little. There are numerous competitors to win this desired title. Equipe Bontjer/Bos from Ter Apel is presently 2nd in the NK champion standings with Sven Schrik from Emmen tracking with just 2 points.

Vrieze has an excellent start to the season in the BMW Cup …

With 58 points on the very first day of competitors and winning the day’s last, Erik Vrieze from Oude Pekela handled to win the Golden Helmet and lead the BMW Cup. BMWs are once again highly represented and have a big field of individuals. Which guarantees a fascinating race in this unique cup. Direct competitors came at the season opener from Norbert Horvath from Weiteveen, the group Huisman/Voldkamp, Rowan Huisman and Gijs Nijboer from Schoonoord. That might all of a sudden be various throughout the Ascension Day follow up. Due to the fact that with the exact same product, the outcomes of each race are still tough to forecast.

The appeal of SuperRods continues to grow significantly …

SuperRods began the season with a minimum of14 entries. An unmatched number for this class. And with the understanding that throughout the Ascension Day race the field will be even broader, we can anticipate an extraordinary fight in this class this season. Reimon Bos from Noord-Sleen brought the brand name brand-new Opel Tigra to the track and instantly handled to win the day. The skilled Advertiser from Dordrecht with his brand-new Ford Escort likewise geared up with a ruthless V8 Chevrolet engine scored simply one point brief and is for that reason in 2nd location in the standings. Danny Lubben from Klazienaveen handled to win the last in SuperRods. Due to the fact that of that excellent rating, he is presently in 3rd location in the Dutch National Championship standings. Helmut Sonnenberg and Thom Philips from Oude Pekela finish the leading 5. Edward Jan Walsma from Joure likewise had a great speed with his brand-new VW Polo, however did not play a considerable function in the last standings due to his retirement in heat 2. Technical problems implied that Harm Veenstra from Sellingen might not begin in his Ford Focus rapidly, however by obtaining another cars and truck he had the ability to gather essential points. Now that his initial cars and truck has actually been brought back, he is certainly among the chauffeurs to view in the fight for triumph throughout Ascension Day.

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Close the race on the brief track …

A big part of the more than20 chauffeurs, using the brief track, and the quick cars are links to the excellent Spedeworth 2.0 Hotrods. There was a great deal of enjoyment in every race throughout the season opener. As a visitor, Christian Simon from Bottrop was permitted to begin at the front for the very first time after 3 days of competitors. He took advantage of the chance, after winning both matches he was permitted to begin at the front in the last. He likewise handled to win the race convincingly, which enabled him to score a big60points. Now that he will have to begin even more back, he will have to deal with competitors. In addition, it is the last race where motorists can make indicate get approved for the World Cup last throughout the very first weekend of July in Ipswich, England. There is a lot at stake for these quick guys in the 2.0 Hotrod class early in the season. Excellent to let you understand is that we have a lot of brand-new chauffeurs at the start of this class. By the method, beginners begin in the back group throughout their very first 3 races, many newbies will likewise need to begin in the back throughout the Ascension Day races to get experience.

Ter Apelers and brand-new product at the start of the National Hotrods …

12individuals were at the start throughout the opening race on the Easter weekend. And yet 2 local chauffeurs who have actually been at the start for several years were missed out on by racing fans. Ter Apelers Johan Sanders and Mark Teuben purchased a brand-new cars and truck in England last winter season. These cars were given Holland quickly prior to the start of the season, after which the cars still needed to be entirely developed. After missing out on out on the opening race, both gentlemen have actually now begun in the Ford Fiesta constructed by Autoxross Motorsport. The winner of the National Hotrods was Reimon Bos from Noord-Sleen at the Easter race. He had to begin far back, however he constantly handled to complete. Jeffrey Roeffen from Grubbenvorst appears to be his greatest rival. Due to technical problems, Roeffen was not able to score points in the 2nd heat, so John van den Bosch from Rosmalen lastly handled to take 2nd location in the day’s standings. Merlin Beganovic from Nieuw Weerdinge took Jefrrey Zwiep’s Peugeot 206 over the winter season, and the cars and truck Beganovic handled to reach 3rd location in the day-to-day standings. Behind him completed Pieter van Logten from Broekhuizenvorst and Jeroen Kurvers from Helden, both from the Longhorn Racing group. Throughout the Ascension Day race Jeffrey Zwiep from Valthermond will likewise appear at the start once again, he needed to miss out on the Easter race due to technical problems with his vehicle.

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The race will begin on Thursday, May18( Ascension Day) at 11:30 am, all classes will begin 3 times. The company, however likewise the motorists, can’t wait to make another fascinating program for the lots of racing fans who are abundant in circular racing. More details about and tickets to the race can be discovered at or through the Facebook and Instagram pages of NNO Ter Apel.
Motorsport Stadium” de Polderputten “Ter Apel( Hanetangerweg 5a)

11:30 am to roughly 6:00 pm

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