New Table tennis Audi TT League: Victory for the runner-up in the cup winner

New Table tennis Audi TT League: Victory for the runner-up in the cup winner

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In the emphasize of the 2nd day of matches in the Audi League, Linger had the ability to show himself in an interesting fight with the cup winner Roodt. In his very first look, Hostert/Folschette encouraged with an indisputable triumph versus Berburg.

The protecting champ completed in your home without his brand-new star gamer Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth. Due to move guidelines, Hostert/Folschette are permitted to utilize 2 of the leading 3 gamers. Therefore, the champion preferred took on last season’s effective quarterback. With clear wins, from Mats Sandell versus Michael Schwarz and from Maël Van Dessel versus David Henkens, the preferred got in the video game completely. Gleb Shamruk then had a hard time to beat Tom Scholtes 12-10 in the decider. At the next table, Eric Thillen had the ability to decrease the deficit to 1:3 at the break with his five-set triumph over Kevin Kubica. In the end, Berburg would just hang on for the point as Sandel and Van Dessel offered the hosts a 5-1 lead prior to Gleb Shamruk provided his side an early win versus Eric Thillen.

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Spectators in Roodt got a more interesting encounter, where the enthusiastic group from Linger gone for their 2nd triumph. The visitors had the ability to take a 2-0 lead through Arlindo De Sousa (versus Peter Musko) and Christian Kill (versus Tessy Gonderinger) and did not quit till completion. In the leading video game, Peter Musko had the ability to reduce the result in 2:3 versus Christian Kill. After that, the hero of the cup José Lavado brought his group to 3:4. It was not adequate to win a single point, as Annick Stammet vs. Jim Cloos and Gonderinger/Lavado vs. Kill/Runjic did not stand a possibility.

In the 3rd video game on Saturday, Dudelingen handled to win the very first win of the season versus the visitor Esch Abol. Previous Dudelange native Vincent Kempfer scored a decent objective versus Mohamed Mostafa.
Promoted Reckingen, who had actually drawn versus DT Roodt in the very first leg, had the ability to encourage once again on the “Holleschbierg”. The 2 up-and-coming skills Gene Wantz and Sean Porteleda, who was in the team this time rather of Louis Gira, lost their songs, the 2 veterans Philippe Saive and Thomas Keinath scored 4 points. The 2nd got the 5th point, with a more than was worthy of draw, in the doubles with Gene Wantz versus the Wang Xu/Sarah Meyer doubles.

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Against Oetringen/Waldbredimus there was a 2nd house insolvency for Union Luxemburg. Paul Roukoz had the only success in the youth battle versus Tom Collé.


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