New Suzuki S-Cross Strong Hybrid– Full Hybrid in display rooms

New Suzuki S-Cross Strong Hybrid– Full Hybrid in display rooms

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S-Cross with the brand-new Strong Hybrid train, ie the so-called complete hybrid. How about We currently blogged about Vitary’s very first and the very same cars and truck, the name Hybrid Power might recommend more power to press, however it is not. The Strong Hybrid drivetrain has less power and weaker efficiency than the Hybrid variation (which is a moderate hybrid, without the possibility of driving on an electrical vehicle just), however in marketing terms it looks much better than calling this variation, for example, Full Hybrid. In either case, the Suzuki S-Cross is among the most economical complete hybrids in its sector, so it’s worth taking a more detailed take a look at this proposal.

picture: media package

Suzuki S-Cross Strong Hybrid

Suzuki S-Cross Strong Hybrid– cars and truck and efficiency

The technical service of the cars and truck, which was established at the Suzuki Motor Corporation, has actually currently been evaluated on the Vitara Strong Hybrid design. As the maker guarantees, the most recent Japanese SUV ought to be cost-effective on the wallet, due to the fact that the WLTP gasoline usage in the combined cycle is from 5.2 l/ 100 km. Suzuki even computes that driving 100 km with this design costs about PLN 40, however till we verify the fuel intake in our editorial test, we can not verify these estimations.

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The drivetrain utilized in the S-Cross Strong Hybrid is style yourself Suzuki. There is a naturally aspirated 1.5 Dualjet four-cylinder fuel engine with direct fuel injection, with typical power. 102 KM at 6,000 rpm and torque 138 Nm at 4400 rpm It is supported by an electrical motor with a power of 24 kW, or about 33 HP, linked to an ISG generator, making an MGU– Motor Generator Unit. The drive is transferred to the wheels through a six-speed automated transmission.

Suzuki S-Cross Strong Hybrid image: media package

Suzuki S-Cross Strong Hybrid

The energy gotten throughout braking is saved in a little battery with a voltage of 140 V, gathering 0.84 kWh. This “battery” was put under the boot flooring, which sadly it decreases the power of the case from a great 430 liters in the Hybrid variation to the requirement 293 liters for instance Strong Hybrid. The fuel tank capability stays the very same and this still holds 47 liters of fuel.

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As befits a complete hybrid, thanks to the electrical energy saved in the battery, the S-Cross Strong Hybrid can likewise take a trip brief ranges and and the fuel engine is turned off The power of Suzuki’s brand-new hybrid system is 116 hp and its torque is 138 Nm, with an extra 60 Nm produced by the MGU however not contributed to the torque worth of the combustion engine. The cars and truck speeds up to 175 km/ h, and requires 0-100 km/ h. very long time 13.5 s On the other hand, paper hybrid(S-Cross Hybrid), with 129 HP and 235 Nm of torque, can go 195 km/ h, and “does” a hundred in 10.2 seconds. It ought to be a convenience fuel economy however we will inspect this throughout tests under genuine conditions.


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