New St. Andrzej Bobola teaches us unity!

New St. Andrzej Bobola teaches us unity!

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IN e Tuesday, May 16 and the parish and St. Andrzej Bobola In Czestochowa to live Wow celebration high-end those S he can high-end 1 complete hour 8: 00 led and talked by Fr. Dr. Lukasz Polacik.

Fr. Dr. Polacik revealed that today, more than ever, we require the intercession of a saint who wished to fix up individuals of faith:

In his preaching, the preacher worried that unity is extremely essential in our faith, without faith it would be useless:

Andrzej did not think twice to provide his life for this commitment. We do not understand if on that fateful Wednesday, May 16, 1657, he noticed what awaited him. He wished to live. When he found out that the Cossacks had actually reached Pilsko, he left to Janów, however quickly the torturers captured him. Andrzej was prepared to pass away, although he was not trying to find it. He revealed the image of St. Andrzej Bobola Fr. Połacik found that another saint, who passed away a martyr’s death a number of a century later on, had a comparable mindset towards him:

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According to the parish priest, Fr. Adam Zyzik, the parish of St. Andrzej Bobola was established in hard times, since throughout the German profession– Maybe this is currently an indication for us that the tutelary saint of this neighborhood is St. Andrzej Bobola.– states parish priest and discusses the history of the church in ul. Individuals:

Parish of St. Andrzej Boboli was integrated in1957 At that time, it was a little wood church. Numerous years later on, in 2018, the church was destroyed, and a brand-new, bigger temple was integrated in its location, with 1,200 adorers. It has the antiques of St. the saint of the parish– St. Andrzej Bobola.

The preaching of Fr. Dr. Polish:


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