New Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio, a contemporary take on an ageless concept

New Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio, a contemporary take on an ageless concept

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Are you searching for a short-distance vehicle, belong to load, appreciate the environment and/ or convenience, and can invest a great deal of cash? Smart has something for you. Do not count, nevertheless, that “the very best vehicle for the city” will resolve what other motorists are grumbling about.

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio– test

Smart is among those cars that does not require to be begun. Everybody has actually found out about the little, two-seater, 2.5 m (today 2.7 m) automobile for a long period of time. Manufacturer explains it as “the very best vehicle for the city”, to highlight today how essential the electrical vehicle remains in it. It is not unexpected in the end Smart It was the very first brand name to resign from providing internal combustion engines in its designs.

In theory (although it likewise depends upon which theory you utilize) it seems like the best dish. The little measurements must equate to maneuverability and benefit parking, affordable and pollution-free operation suggests lower expenses for the driver and the environment. What more could you desire for your day-to-day activities? Well, a long period of time to go.

Smart like an electrical vehicle

EQ in Daimler means “electrical power” Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

For now, let’s put the wise specifications aside and think about how it compares to its competitors. The operation is done by an electrical concurrent motor that produces an optimum of 82 HP. This equates into a totally unimpressive efficiency: in the checked Cabrio variation it takes 12.7 seconds to go to a hundred From here, it is close to the optimum speed, which is restricted to 130 km/ h.

Of course, as befits an electrical expert, the view from behind the wheel is totally various. At the speed of the city, the sane sobs forward excitedly, leaving the more effective cars ( velocity to 60 km/ h takes 5.5 seconds) Accelerator pedal reaction is immediate, unless Eco Mode is triggered. Whatever takes place with a visible hold-up, although it is not irritating every day. Healing is likewise more powerful in this setting.

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ Fortwo Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

For example: one day I went to a conference in among the towns near Warsaw. Unexpectedly, it ended up that I had actually left my laptop computer in the house, which I might have utilized, however it was not required. The additional time sufficed– resigning from supper, I would remain in time to go house and back. I would not have adequate variety to carry out such a technique, and there was no battery charger on website to charge the cars and truck.

Two panels protect the charging port in the smartphone.  Apparently it will only accept alternating current, but the speed is impressive

Two panels safeguard the charging port in the mobile phone. Obviously it will just accept rotating existing, however the speed is outstanding Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

The plus is, nevertheless, that if it existed (today it is currently), filling a little battery would not take long. The wise does not have DC quick charging, it can additionally accept up to 22 kW when utilizing rotating present. This implies that with the ideal battery charger, you can charge at a speed of about 3 kilometers of variety per minute Significantly, the expense of that charging session will be lower than utilizing direct existing.

It is this charging choice that is the most significant electrical ace in the Fortwo’s hand. My tests reveal that the Volkswagen e-up! or Dacia Spring are much better in city driving, however none will have the ability to fill the energy from the city poles really rapidly. Yes, there are still no battery chargers of this key in Poland, however supervisors of real estate estates or office complex are getting them and quickly this benefit might acquire worth.

Smart as a method of transportation

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ Fortwo Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

Then it’s simple to value the advantages that all electrical cars provide. The drive works suddenly well and silently and leaves no exhaust fumes behind. In addition, Polish parliamentarians have actually prepared a little bundle of advantages electrical contractors: their chauffeurs can lawfully go into the bus lane and do not need to spend for parking in paid parking lot. Okay up until now.

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ Fortwo Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

Smart, nevertheless, is differentiated by requirements, however in my experience it is not as huge a benefit as the producer recommends. Yes, the body of 2.7 meters is extremely brief and permits you to park the vehicle where other cars will not fit, however discovering such spaces is remarkably really tough. I was most likely to discover regular sized workstations where the clever looked … incredible.

Most notably, look leaves much to be wanted Examining the shoulder, I typically just see an extremely large pillar B. That’s the cost to spend for such a brief body. The technique is worthy of appreciation. yes, smartem can even be switched on the area This will be specifically essential in extremely tight parking area, due to the fact that in daily usage, what the A-segment cars use suffices.

The cockpit is simple and ergonomic

The cockpit is basic and ergonomic Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

The measurement that troubled me the most was … width. I altered from electrical to clever vespy and it rapidly ended up that even the “finest automobile for the city” is an extremely bad method to navigate the assembly, due to the fact that it is stuck in traffic congestion (which it likewise produces). Determining a little 1.66 m The kid is likewise extremely broad so that securely and conveniently prevent a light bicyclist on the exact same course

Smart in basic

Contrary to look, I do rule out a great automobile without receivers, although I do not conceal them unique driver suggestion (and understand). It is perfect for somebody who requires to pick an automobile for everyday travel, drives less than 100 km daily, takes a trip alone or with one guest, and has the capability to charge the vehicle in your home or close by. Oh, and the most crucial thing. Smart electrical energy is a proposition for the wealthiest individual.

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Don't look for comfort in the interior.  The material could also be better

Don’t search for convenience in the interior. The product might likewise be much better Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

The base rate of this design is PLN 99,100, and the evaluated convertible variation needs an extra PLN 14,100 Yes, the automobile gets a surcharge (as much as PLN 27,000 for a Large Family Card, eg as a 2nd vehicle in the household), however it’s still a lot, specifically thinking about the really minimal advantages of this design. The truth that you do not feel this cash within will likewise be frustrating. Average quality plastics guideline here, watches are obsoleted and the media is sobbing to the paradises for vengeance.

No marvel the Smart EQ Fortwo has actually never ever beaten the sales figures. This is an excellent item that will have another issue in the future: city transportation policy. Today, increasingly more authorities choose to establish bike facilities or public transportation, releasing citizens from the requirement to utilize an automobile. Examples are Paris or Berlin, however likewise, for instance, Krakow, where the advantages for individuals who leave the vehicle are thought about.

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ Fortwo Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

Smart appears to comprehend this. Forfour has actually currently vanished from the deal– it is the exact same costly, with the very same minimal variety, however more useful, due to the fact that the design for 4 individuals. Under the wings of Geely, the brand-new co-owner, at the IAA movement program, revealed an electrical crossover that you will be more flexible than the Fortwo. If the pattern does not alter, such a cars and truck will satisfy the requirements of brand-new consumers much better. And not always those in beauty parlors, although this is an entirely various subject.

Our ranking Test: Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio, a contemporary take on an ageless concept:

5/ 10


  • beneficial air conditioner charging choice with a power of 22 kW
  • fantastic technique
  • thanks to the smooth and effective driving of the electrical motor

  • The theoretical possibility of parking “all over” loses truth
  • it does not fix the issue of traffic congestion in the city
  • restricted efficiency
  • complicated roofing folding system
  • high rate for the possibilities used

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio
Storage Type Electricity
Maximum power: 82 KM
Torque: 160 Nm
Cargo compartment capability: 190 l
Catalogue: Measure yourself:
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h: 127 seconds
Maximum speed: 130 km/ h
Energy intake (mix): 173-161 kWh/ 100 km 139 kWh/ 100 km
Reception 132 km 120 km
Example from: PLN 99,100
Version from: PLN 113,200


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