New Schifferstadt blue light report, April 30, 2023: Ruchheim police headquarters – – complete closure of the A61 after a traffic mishap with numerous individuals hurt, along with a mishap triggered by alcohol intoxication in a traffic line.

New Schifferstadt blue light report, April 30, 2023: Ruchheim police headquarters – – complete closure of the A61 after a traffic mishap with numerous individuals hurt, along with a mishap triggered by alcohol intoxication in a traffic line.

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Car mishap in Schifferstadt now: What took place today? The Neustadt/Weinstra ße cops department offers info on today’s authorities reports. notifies you about mishap, fire and criminal activity reports in your location.

Ruchheim police headquarters– complete closure of the A61 after a traffic mishap with a number of individuals hurt, in addition to a mishap triggered under the impact of alcohol in a traffic congestion.

Schifferstadt (ots)–

On April 30, 2023 around 6: 00 p.m., a traffic mishap happened in between 2 cars on the A 61 southbound, in between the Schifferstadt junction and the Speyer roadway junction. A 24- year-old guy drove his Audi in the left lane and crashed. with a cars and truck in front of the Fiat, which swerved and passed the Audi, the 40- year-old Fiat driver lost control of his vehicle and left the lane to the right prior to the automobile stopped. the edge of the yard A mishap The driver and 2 guests in the Fiat suffered small injuries and were required to close-by health centers for more examination and shallow injuries. Both cars were amounted to. The overall damage can be around EUR 65,00 0. At the very same time, the A61 was totally closed for 35 minutes and after that closed for 55 minutes for taping a traffic mishap, which triggered traffic problems, which the client of 44 years. The old guy wished to prevent traffic on the tough shoulder with his wheelchair and in to do so he touched a truck that was standing in traffic on the ideal lane while passing A breath alcohol test was done, which provided an outcome of 1.15 per mille. A blood sample was drawn from the guy and his driver’s license was acquired. The examination started versus chauffeurs of previous mishaps for triggering physical damage by neglect. The driver of Kiti from the following mishap needs to deal with the threat for traffic on the roadway as an outcome of drinking alcohol. In addition to officers from the Ruchheim police headquarters, rescue services, the Schifferstadt fire brigade and the Ruchheim roadway upkeep department, along with a rescue helicopter, were dispatched.

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This report was published on April 30, 2023 at 4: 21 am by the Neustadt/Weinstrasse authorities department.

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Crime data on violent criminal activities in the Rhein-Palatinate district

About cops criminal activity stats (PKS) of the National Crime Police Bureau (BKA) remained in the circle Rhine-Palatinate District in the year 2020 in basic 205 criminal activities in the classification of violent criminal activities signed up, 17.1% of which stayed criminal trials. In 2015 it was clearance rate criminal offenses of a violent nature 844% Amongst the 222 thinks, 189 males and 33 females were recognized. 41 percent of the suspects are not of German origin.

Old guy variety of suspects
under 21 80
21 to 25 26
25 to 30 22
30 to 40 32
40 to 50 29
50 to 60 20
more than 60 13

In 2019, the BKA authorities criminal activity data taped 212 criminal activities in the Rhine-Palatinate district, the clear rate was 83.5%.

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The BKA lays out murder and murder, rape and sexual browbeating, burglary with severe physical damage and female genital mutilation under the crime of “harsh criminal offense”.

Criminal data on criminal offenses in the classification of burglary in houses in the district of Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis

In 2020, cops criminal activity stats (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in the district of Rhein-Palatinate. 2 offenses in the classification of theft in houses pointed out. The clearance rate was connected here 100% In 50% of cases it was a criminal effort. amongst 2 suspects in all there were 2 males and 0 females. 50% of individuals are presumed of non-German origin.

Old male variety of suspects
under 21 1
21 to 25 0
25 to 30 0
30 to 40 1
40 to 50 0
50 to 60 0
more than 60 0

For a year 2019 are BKA authorities criminal activity data 1 taped case of theft understood in the Rhine-Palatinate district clearance rate was connected here 100%

Statistics of mishaps and injuries in roadway traffic in the previous 3 years

In the state Rhineland-Palatinate there was a year 2020 an overall of 12,939 roadway mishaps including accidents 128 deaths and 16,333 hurt. There has actually been a small down pattern in traffic mishaps taped by the cops throughout Germany over the last few years. An overall of 2,245,245 roadway mishaps were tape-recorded in 2020, compared to 2,685,661 cases in 2019 and 2,636,468 cases in2018 This circumstance can likewise be observed in the variety of mishaps including injuries. In 2020, for instance, there were 264,499 mishaps in which individuals were hurt, and an overall of 3,046 individuals passed away. In 2018, 3,275 deaths were tape-recorded out of 308,721 mishaps including accidents.

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Fires and arson in Germany in 2020

According to authorities records, in Germany in 2020 20,735 cases of arson or trigger a fire threat. According to fire security stats, around 200,00 0 home fires are tape-recorded every year. This suggests that every 2 minutes a fire burns someplace. About 600 individuals pass away from home fires in Germany every year.

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