New POL-PDNR: Drunk driver crashes on Sieg bridge railing

New POL-PDNR: Drunk driver crashes on Sieg bridge railing

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Police Headquarters Neuwied/Rhein


On Monday, May 1, 2023 at 01: 05 am a traffic mishap happened on the Sieg Bridge in between Fürthen and Au/Sieg. The 28- year-old driver of the Subaru was taking a trip from Fürthen to Au. He lost control of his automobile due to extreme drinking and struck the bridge rail. The influence on the railing got rid of the front wheel, to name a few things. The automobile was amounted to. Authorities patrols from the close-by Eitorf station heard the effect and right away drove to the scene of the mishap. There an extremely intoxicated owner might be discovered. He attempted to get away with defense claims that his vehicle was taken, he followed it on foot which the criminal won. The Hamm fire department, which was likewise signaled, then browsed Sieg’s bank. An examination of the website had the ability to refute the claims. Ultimately a blood sample was drawn from the kid, his driver’s license was taken and his cars and truck was taken. A mobile service from the Altenkirchen roadway upkeep department cleared the roadway and protected the damaged bridge. There was home damage of more than 10,000 euros.

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