New Peugeot e-2008, huge “I do not wish to, however I need to”

New Peugeot e-2008, huge “I do not wish to, however I need to”

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Apparently, the focus on electrical lorries is an invention of the vehicle market. If you believe so too, satisfy Carlos Tavares at the helm of Stellansis. When evaluating the Peugeot e-2008, I was questioning how great the automobile would be if the Portuguese weren’t so anti-electric.

Peugeot e-2008– test

Charismatic leaders with renowned status are unusual, however when one appears, it produces a stir. Who understands where it will be today Apple if Steve Jobs had not come back to it in1997 What would have taken place Tesla if Elon Musk wasn’t thinking about a little start-up then. When the movie about how Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook struck the movie theaters, it controlled package workplace charts. American Success Stories like to begin with the surname.

Now, if I were to stroll down the street and ask who supervises of the most crucial vehicle brand names, I wager the majority of people would not have the ability to address that. There are lots of charming leaders here. Everybody in the market understands that Akio Toyoda enjoys to race and drive the Toyota Century which Ola Källenius from Mercedes is pressing the business towards brand-new innovations. Which Carlos Tavares does not mince words when it concerns electrical cars.

Peugeot Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

This The 63- year-old Portuguese today heads among the biggest cars and truck business– the Stellantis issue When the FCA group combined with PSA, Tavares was the handling director of the latter group. Formerly, he operated in Renault where he did not conceal his desires. He wished to lead the biggest vehicle issue worldwide At Renault, he didn’t have that possibility. In PSA he would.

However, it appears that Tavares will need to do this, versus himself. If you wish to count in the European Union, you ought to bank on electrical cars. And they do not like it, to put it slightly. In 2018, when the PSA Group handled by Tavares beat the Volkswagen Group in sales (briefly, however it passed), Mateusz Żuchowski composed in Autokult about the Portuguese mindset to electrical contractors: “ compares electrical cars to natural food: much better however less useful and more pricey“.

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Countering the cost is something Tavares likes to have fun with. It was heard sometimes in an interview with Mateusz Lubczański a year later on.– We will return the 10,000 zlotys worth of gasoline from the household. euro and we will state that now they will need to purchase a cars and truck for 30 thousand. Even if the federal government includes 3,000 the rest will be paid anyhow– he stated in 2019.– The rate needs to be minimized electrical cars The main point is liberty and movement for the middle class– he highlighted in the very same interview.

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And here we concern the opposite of the coin. Tavares wishes to highlight that he is doing it for the good of individuals.– This is an issue not a lot a sector as a social one– he stated when focusing on the cost of electrical power.– Must […] believe just how much somebody can inform what benefits you and what is bad– he left at the end of the 2019 interview.

Read Mateusz Lubczański’s interview with Carlos Tavares

For somebody who runs a vehicle business, liberty and movement imply a vehicle. At the very same time, today increasingly more individuals are understanding that flexibility and movement do too bike, scooter, scooter, train, cable car or city. Remarkably, Peugeot has something to bite out of this cake. The business still produces bikes today, as well as scooters and scooters (although the latter is primarily the Indian Mahindra). Tavares didn’t appear to keep in mind that.

The Portuguese is company in his beliefs. At the end of 2021, he plainly confessed that electrical energy is the factor for the boost in cars and truck costs. As explained Due to the requirement to produce electrical experts, part of the expense was moved to those of combustion. Throughout the Reuters Next conference, he approximated that the expense of producing a traditional vehicle was 50%.

The interior of the Peugeot e-2008 is beautiful and finished better than, for example, in the Volkswagen ID.3, but the service is a dream.

The interior of the Peugeot e-2008 is gorgeous and ended up much better than, for instance, in the Volkswagen ID.3, however the service is a dream. Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

In May 2022, Tavares was once again in the news in the market media, this time due to the fact that he discussed the production of electrical experts. At a conference of the Financial Times, he anticipated problems with the accessibility of products in batteries in 3 or 4 years. The option would be to end up being depending on Asia. Will this take place? Time will inform, however the financial investments made, for instance in his native Portugal, appear to oppose it.

It would not be the very first time that Tavares, like the good-hearted leaders he discussed at the start, does disappoint the complete fact.– The issue is the absence of authority that can determine emissions and the impacts of the cars and truck not just when driving, however likewise from the start of production, transport of products, for scrap. Nobody does that. There are no research studies covering the life process of the automobile, he stated in September 2019.

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Such research study, naturally, has actually been done and continues to this day. It holds true that there is no authority accountable for this, however the glove has actually been taken by researchers who wish to provide a clear and clear response to these concerns. On the other hand, when I asked the agent of the business accountable for sustainable advancement throughout the best of the Peugeot e-208 about the overall carbon footprint of the production of their electronic devices (production in Europe, batteries from China), he straight confessed that they. he didn’t count. If they are so injured by the absence of research study, why didn’t they purchase them themselves?

Peugeot e-2008

Peugeot e-2008 Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

Tavares, nevertheless, is asking properly.– What’s next? Where is the tidy energy? Where is the payment facilities? Where are the raw products? What are the geopolitical threats connected with them? Who truly has the entire image of modification?– he noted throughout the Financial Times conference. The issue is, it’s difficult to think that these concerns were backed by authentic issue for the environment. I ‘d rather see for myself here issue for one’s own desire and pocket(in 2021 alone, Tavares, who is defending the middle class, gathered EUR 19 million, according to Automotive News Europe).

If not, he would be actively attempting to resolve part of the problems he impacts. As the head of an automobile maker, he can provide his clients electrical cars that will be more appealing than their combustion equivalents, thus promoting the advancement of charging facilities, the shift to green energy or the look for basic materials. It does not, and the Peugeot e-2008 is the finest evidence.

Peugeot e-2008

Peugeot e-2008 Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

It is a compact crossover, which– what can I state– is an electrical variation of a combustion engine vehicle. Under the hood, rather of diesel or gasoline, it has an electrical motor. The battery is hidden where there is space for all unneeded elements. The French say so they utilize the universal platform due to the fact that they do not understand what the future holds To me, it reveals that somebody makes an electrical cars and truck due to the fact that they need to.

If you understand an electrical contractor from the previous PSA group, you understand what you will discover in the e-2008 The engine has 136 hp and the battery has a capability of 50 kWh, which it enables you to take a trip as much as 200 km in genuine conditions on the path There is no larger version, even if the motorists of these Peugeot supercars take them on larger journeys. It is excellent that with making use of direct present it is possible to increase the energy with a power of 100 kW. 30 minutes suffices to reach 80 percent.

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However, do not anticipate extra “goodies” in relation to your brother-in-law. When you log into e-2008, you still need to turn it on with a button. There is no single pedal driving mode It’s real that you can require more relief in B mode, however that was a great years earlier. In spite of the reality that Peugeot lastly enables you to see the battery level in portion. The forecasted variety indications after each charge are really positive, however the cars and truck finds out the driving design successfully and enhances it in time.


The letter “e” represents “electrical power” Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

PSA’s efficiency, as typical, is unexpected with the economy in the city. I drove the vehicle at low temperature levels, I had no problems with intake listed below 17 kWh/ 100 km. By driving quicker (120 km/ h), it leapt to nearly 23 kWh/ 100 km. One wish to ask, what outcomes can be attained with this vehicle in a more aerodynamic vehicle? With this huge battery and we have a genuine rival to electrical experts from other brand names.

We will not learn– in the meantime -. There is expect modification. Linda Jackson, head of Peugeot, has actually currently revealed that from 2030, the business will present just electrical cars on the European market The whole Stellantis, for its part, is preparing to present 4 platforms meant for electrical contractors, which ought to enable this excellent motion to spread its wings.

On the other hand, I hope that Tavares, who properly inquires about electrical power costs, will look after a much better catalog. Peugeot has an issue offering the 2008 and e-2008 twins at the exact same time, a. extra payment for the latter (compared to diesel BlueHDi 130 with automated system) is 36.7 thousand. zlotys Even a high discount rate from the “My Electrician” program will not close this space. Taking a look at the enhancements and monetary outcomes that Tavares is making, the low-cost electrical battle seems like a task for him. It is a pity that he based on the opposite of the barrier.

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Our ranking Test: Peugeot e-2008, or the huge “I do not wish to, however I need to”:

6/ 10


  • intriguing style
  • roomy, properly designed interior
  • an automobile that can be really cost-effective
  • 100 kW charging as normal

  • intricate operation (particularly of a multimedia system)
  • just one battery version
  • few payment preparation alternatives
  • premium for the comparable combustion variation

Peugeot e-2008(2021)
Type of vehicle system: Electricity
Number of engines: One
Storage Type: Forward
Gravity battery capability: 50 kWh overall
Maximum charging power (AIR CONDITIONER/ DC): 7.4 */ 100 kW
Low charging time (0-80%): 30 minutes
Maximum driving force: 136 hp
Maximum torque: 260 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h: 9 p
Maximum speed: 150 km/ h
Cargo capability: 405 l
Temperature throughout the test: 9-12 ° C
Range (brochure): 310 km
Measured frequency: 195-270 km
Average energy usage (brochure): 178 kWh/ 100 km
City energy intake measurement: 166 kWh/ 100 km
Energy intake measurement on highways: 212 kWh/ 100 km
Example from:

PLN 156,900

Example from (service charge “My Electrician”): 138150 PLN/ 129 900 PLN
Storage Version: PLN 156,900
Price of evaluated system: roughly 180 thousand zlotys


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