New One-off Porsche in front of the lens, designer cars and a fantastic feel for spectacular visual art, Gütsel Online, OWL live

New One-off Porsche in front of the lens, designer cars and a fantastic feel for spectacular visual art, Gütsel Online, OWL live

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One-phase Porsche in front of the lens, designer cars and an excellent sense for gorgeous visual art

Deizisau, 2022

#Porsche– a #premium German brand name that, throughout its #cultural history, has actually constantly understood how to integrate a creative outside with a level of feeling. Licensed #Porsche professional photographer and #car professional photographer René Staud caught this happiness completely technical and optical imagination in the large-format 911 Millennium book and utilized it in spectacular #photos. When you take a look at truly intriguing images, the sensation ends up being a motion: the image and the genuine image combine into a #artwork that integrates thinking and sensation.

And there was light

In order to develop the very best conditions for vehicle photography in the studio, René Staud established an unique lighting system called Magicflash as early as1982 Based upon flash innovation in large-area lighting, he had the ability to picture and photo body shapes and style languages with formerly unidentified course. His images rapidly ended up being a sign of Staud Studios and are still changing automobile photography today. The 911 Millennium #photobook likewise highlights this side of the job in information, due to the fact that the last pages are committed to the production and an appearance behind the scenes. Simply as the private pictures of the gems sport display screens of lighting cable televisions and spotlights and supply a purposeful break in the visual concept.

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A series of pictures of style, color and design

For the idea, René Staud chose special independently owned cars, personal designs, unique cars and additional cars that can not be discovered on the roadway– the company and choice of designs alone took numerous months to finish. Not just the outside charm of the cars discovers a location in the audio: photos of the interior or a short description of the engine or outside information increase the awareness in the gorgeous cars. For fans of high-end imaginative photography, the premium #911 #Millennium showed book, with just 911 copies, is an essential and an ornamental collector’s product. The size alone permits totally various style alternatives than an easy book. In a scenic format of 112 by 44 cm, the work deals 288 pages of Porsche style art on top quality paper and with a hand surface. Provided with a numbered plaque, luggage and a set of white gloves.

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Udo Honninger

Udo Hönninger is an expert printer who began his own company in the field of printing optimization several years earlier. In March 2018, the world’s biggest detailed book, Millennium 911, was released in the minimal edition911 Above all, the book’s size at 56 by 44 cm (bound) and the exceptional quality of paper and making quality make the book stick out from the crowd. to the crowd.

911 Millennium, ISBN 978 -3-9819485 -0 -9, cost 1,900 euros


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