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The Chevrolet Volt is one of the first popular cars whose wheels are driven solely by electric motors. However, it is not an electric car. He has a combustion engine on board, the only job of which is to generate electricity that goes to the battery. Using the energy stored in the battery with a capacity of 16 kWh, without the help of the internal combustion unit, the Volt can travel several kilometers more.

It won this title in the Car of The Year plebiscite in 2012 along with the Opel Ampera, its European counterpart. This year’s car, without damage or damage, today in the United States is worth 9,000 dollars, or about 43,000. zlotys.

We present prices from the US market, because this is where the article that prompted us to write this article comes from. It’s a 2012 Volt, with 70,000 miles, that went to replace Roger Dean Chevrolet’s battery in Florida. We don’t know what caused the battery to be replaced, but the price for this service was as follows.

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The entire service, including labor and taxes, was valued at $29,842, or more than $142,000. zlotys. The battery pack alone was worth around 130,000. zlotys. Let me remind you – on a car with a market value of about PLN 43 thousand. zlotys.

It seems the problem is that it is old. It was developed based on an unused technology that required extensive use in production. If it was a small car, it would cost a lot less. If someone wants to replace such a battery with a new, original one, he must expect such a cost.

However, you will have to say goodbye to the authorized car service center and look for a replacement in the open market. According to the website, this product can be purchased for around $5,500, or about $26,000. zlotys. And it still needs to be installed, which will cost you extra. Therefore, we are talking about an amount that exceeds more than half the value of such a car from 2012.

On Polish classifieds sites, you can find sets for about PLN 8,000, and Volt batteries of the first generation cost about PLN 2,500. zlotys. Such a price, considering that the replacement service will be carried out in a professional workshop dealing with electric vehicles and hybrids, is not as scary as that in the United States. There is nothing but buying and selling abroad.

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