New Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) share details: Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) is low-cost on|09/26/22

New Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) share details: Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) is low-cost on|09/26/22

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Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) fell 0.3 percent to EUR 53.73 in the Xetra session at 9: 28 am. The security is among the losers in the DAX 40, which is presently at 12,279 points. The share cost of Mercedes-Benz Group (ex-Daimler) was up to EUR 53.01 from today’s low. At the start of the trading day, the paper deserved EUR 53.17 Just recently, 92,909 Mercedes-Benz Group (ex-Daimler) members altered hands.

On February 17, 2022, the stock increased to a 52- week high of EUR 77.90 With a boost of a minimum of 31.03 percent, the Mercedes-Benz Group (previously Daimler) might mark a brand-new 52- week high. At EUR 50.19, the share certificate reached a 52- week short on July 14,2022 Weekly low space 52 is presently 7.05 percent.

Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) had its books examined on July 27, 2022: At the quarterly monetary conference, the group exposed the outcomes for the quarter ended June 30,2022 Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) made EUR 2.91 per share in the most current quarter. In the very same quarter in 2015, it was EUR 2.81 per share. Compared to the very same duration of the previous year, the Mercedes-Benz Group (ex-Daimler) published a -1620 percent decrease in sales in the last quarter. Sales were EUR 36,44000 compared to EUR 43,48200 in the very same quarter in 2015.

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Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) is anticipated to provide its Q3 2022 monetary outcomes on October 26,2022 According to professionals, Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) ought to provide its Q3 2023 results on October 26, 2023.

Early on, professionals approximate that the Mercedes-Benz Group (ex-Daimler) must have incomes of EUR 11.50 per share in the balance of2022

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