New Limanowski Mini Mundial 2022– participation record

New Limanowski Mini Mundial 2022– participation record

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MZPN The community of Limanowa, following the example of the World Cup in Qatar, arranges the “Limanowski Mini World Cup 2022”. The eagles from the year 2012/2013 take part in the competitors. The certifying matches have actually currently happened, it is time for the finals which are arranged to occur on October 9 at the MKS Limanovia arena.

The competitors will be held under the honorary patronage of the President of MZPN Limanowa Neighborhood– Stanisław Strug. Witold Sochacki is the organizer of the competitors.


GROUP A (planner: Limanovia)

Development: MKS Limanovia I (Netherlands) and MKS Limanovia II (Senegal). 3rd location for Qatar (Olimpia Pisarzowa) and 4th for Ecuador (Mordarka).

GROUP B (organizer: Płomien Limanowa)

Promotion: AP Mam Talent I (England) and AP Mam Talent II (Wales). The 3rd location is Płomien Limanowa (USA).

GROUP C (organizer: AKS Ujanowice)

Promotion: Poland (AKS Ujanowice I) and Saudi Arabia (LKS Rupniów). Argentina (AKS Ujanowice II) and Mexico (AP Laskovia) withdrew from the competition.

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GROUP D (planner: Harnaś Tymbark)

Development: France (Harnaś I) and Denmark (Harnaś II). Tunisia (Sokół Słopnice) was missing.

GROUP E (organizer: Dobrzanka Dobra)

Development: Germany (Dobrzanka I) and Spain (Dobrzanka II). Dropouts: Japan (Dobrzanka III) and Costa Rica (Dobrzanka IV).

GROUP F (planner: Halny Kamienica)

Development: Belgium (Halny I Kamienica) and Croatia (Halny II Kamienica).

GROUP G (MUKS Zenit Kasinka Mała)

Development: Brazil (AP Bonito I) and Switzerland (AP Bonito II). Serbia (Ostra Olszówka Raba Niżna) and Cameroon (Zenit Kasinka Mała) withdrew from the competition.

GROUP H (planner: Uranus Łukowica)

Development: Portugal (Uranus I Lukowica) and Ghana (Uranus II Lukowica). Uruguay (Krokus Przyszowa) completed third.

Qualified for the 2nd round of the group: France (Harnaś I Tymbark), Denmark (Harnaś II Tymbark), Germany (Dobrzanka I Dobra), Spain (Dobrzanka II Dobra), Poland (AKS Ujanowice I), Saudi Arabia (Rupniów), Belgium. (Halny I Kamienica), Croatia (Halny II Kamienica), Brazil (AP Bonito I), Switzerland (AP Bonito II), England (AP Mam Talent I), Wales (AP Mam Talent II), Netherlands (MKS Limanovia I), Senegal (MKS Limanovia II), Portugal (Uranus I Lukowica) and Ghana (Uranus II Lukowica).

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The department into groups for the 2nd stage of the competitors has actually currently been made– schedule

LPPN Message:

It is among the most significant football occasions over the last few years arranged by Limanowa Township. What is more fascinating is the involvement of specific clubs. The company of the very first part of the competitors in 8 arenas, 10s of youths with soccer abilities and lastly take part in the last champion, which, thanks to the MKS Limanovia club, will be held at their arena this Sunday, October 9. We begin at 9.00 am

We want to thank the clubs– the organizers of the removals in the particular locations of the LPPN football map and we expect excellent matches and excellent objectives in Sunday’s competitors.

In addition to celebratory medals and prizes for the very best groups, we likewise have actually little prizes gotten ready for each gamer of the winning group”. Let’s fulfill “Limanovia”

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Schedule of the 2nd round of the competitors on the main LPPN site


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