New He swerved into the left lane, struck the vehicle and stopped on the slope.

New He swerved into the left lane, struck the vehicle and stopped on the slope.

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Two automobile and an overall of 4 individuals took part in the roadway event, which took place on Monday night, ul. Poznańska in Gostyń.

Service from Gostyń: fire brigade and cops were sent out to the scene on October 3, formerly 23.00 The report gotten by the task officer in the position of the PSP KP service provider in Gostyń described the accident of 2 automobile on the local roadway, 434 from Gostyń, towards Kunów. There was no info about the hurt.

On ul. Poznańska in Gostyń, 2 systems of JRG Gostyń were appointed.

Two automobile clashed on the straight area of the roadway en route from Gostyń to Kunów. Possibly the driver of the Peugeot developed into the lane to the left of the Land Rover with 3 individuals– described asp. staff members. Wojciech Idkowiak, head of rescue operations from KP PSP in Gostyń.

The firefighter ensured that prior to the arrival of JRG Gostyń soldiers, individuals who were taking a trip alone handled to leave them. None of the individuals of the occurrence experienced any diseases, so it was not essential to request medical assistance.

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On Monday night, for a number of minutes, traffic on among the lanes was obstructed.

The scenarios of the occurrence were examined by the cops from the KPP roadway traffic department in Gostyń. Throughout the operations, it was discovered that a citizen of Gostyń poviat, who was driving a Peugeot, was taking a trip towards Gostyń from the instructions of Kunów.

For inexplicable factors, he unexpectedly went into the left lane. In this method, he caused a side crash with a rover that was leaving the city in the other instructions– he notified the young asp. Katarzyna Ptak from KPP in Gostyń

The cops kept in mind that the female who was driving the rover and the driver of the Peugeot were puzzled. Eventually, he certified the event as a crash. The crook might not discuss why he unexpectedly turned to the.

— The male feels guilty. In this case, we will end up the deal a fine of PLN 1050 and 10 charge points to the criminal– included a young asp. Katarzyna Ptak from Gostyń “primary roadway”.

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