New Great style and appealing timeless – – Renault 15TL

New Great style and appealing timeless – – Renault 15TL

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I believe everybody would concur that they began in 1971 Renault 15 it was among the most futuristic looking cars of its time. The follower to the charming convertible called the Caravelle was just launched in a three-door body. It was not a common coupe, however a full-fledged cars.

” Fifteen” might not be puzzled with any other automobile of that duration. Its style, although in lots of aspects modest, described a principle vehicle instead of a mass-produced design. The front grille was surrounded by a chrome frame, which in some way likewise worked as a bumper. Under it, just a set of covered plastic horns were linked, which efficiently decreased the effect to a number of kilometers per hour. The rear bumper is likewise geared up with a panel that minimizes the threat of damage. The large doors had no extending manages. The French designers utilized a system of “surprise door channels” that were extremely comparable to those utilized in the Renault 5 a couple of years later on.

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The interior was a mix of seventies French dream and stylish aspirations. For some it was simple, while others valued its creative minimalism concealed in greatly specified shapes. Specific attention was offered there by a series of 4 indications embedded under the forecasting domes. There were likewise seats that, thanks to their ergonomic style, did not permit tourists to struggle with any discomfort in the back spinal column. Their smart style likewise minimized vibrations triggered by different kinds of surface areas.

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The automobile was popular for its accurate handling and great roadway grip. Its most popular devices variations were the following variations: TL with an effective 1.3-liter (62 hp) engine, which might speed up the vehicle to 150 km/h, and TS with a 1.5-liter engine. The most effective version had 90 hp and reached 170 km/h.

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The Renault 15 was likewise not a common weekend “toy” that just had a traveler bag or an umbrella to bring if it drizzled. The cars and truck boasted a not little boot, less than 300 liters, access to which was helped with by the hatchback cover. The automobile was likewise the basis of the Renault 17.

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One of 230,000 systems produced, the Renault 15 is the pride of Renault’s great collection. The happy owner of the cart, Mr Bronislav Keller living in Gliwice, it was expertly brought back a couple of years back, bringing the unusual coupé design back to life.

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The Renault 15 TL displayed in the picture left the assembly line in Maubeuge, France in1973 It invested the majority of its “life” on its initial roadways. Just later on it went to Germany, where it was purchased by Mr. Bronisław Keller. The timeless Renault was an excellent base for the remediation. Just its white color, which was a residue of the previous owner, was not initial. A factory shade of paint was discovered under the front hood and around the trunk cover. The most significant benefit was the efficiency of the automobile, the initial parts of which are thought about a genuine rarity today. The only thing missing out on from the vehicle was the consumption manifold and some power supply elements.

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When the cars and truck shown up in Poland, its comprehensive repair work started in the garage of Mr. Bronisław. The very first thing we needed to do was make the sheet metal. Renault’s body has actually gone through sandblasting surgical treatment. The other parts were brought back independently, thoroughly, one by one. The bodywork intervention generally covered the front part of the flooring and other little entryways.

” The so-called “Donor” throughout the restoration was a Dacia 1300, likewise from1973 The Romanian variation of the Renault 12 from that time was still made with excellent French parts. The huge benefit was that the obtained flooring components had the very same shape and curves, thanks in which whatever matched.— points out Mr. Bronisław Keller, owner of Renault 15 TL.

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Most of the initial 15 functions were still multiple-use. These were eg tie rod ends and rocker arms, which can be a total surprise. As soon as the French coupe was painted, it was time to do the rest. The interior has actually been upgraded, and above all the seats, which are covered in eco-friendly leather. Rather of the old headlights, comparable headlights were obtained from the abovementioned Dacia. The proverbial “icing on the cake” marking completion of the repair work was a set of brand-new tires. It is custom-made for the owner of a classic car collection who desires his cars to be effective, safe and prepared to drive at perpetuity.

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” Renault 15 TL is defined by high reliability. These cars are geared up, for instance, with really long lasting transmissions and axle shafts that do not permeate. There is no other way to terrify him, even at sea … and one “Caspian”, since my copy will reach the Baltic Sea with no problems! our arbitrator includes.

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It deserves pointing out on this celebration that Mr. Bronisław Keller understands every, even the tiniest part of his cars and truck. Mr. Bronisław understands more than anybody else about traditional Renault designs. Even prior to the opening of the Keller Gliwice licensed display room and service center in Ostropa, he ran his own personal automobile workshop in Sośnicowice. In the 1970 s, its consumers were mainly cab driver who utilized the Dacia 1300 for their day-to-day journeys. Thanks to the expert aid and interest of the owner of the plant, their cars quickly took a trip majority a million kilometers!

We wish to thank Mr. Bronisław Keller for making the vehicle readily available for images.
Photo: Dorota Nita-Garbiec

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