New Genesis Helium 800BT evaluation

New Genesis Helium 800BT evaluation

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The Genesis business is incredible– it’s moving quick and for months we’ve been improving and much better hardware being used to players. On our site you can discover evaluations of extremely great mice or keyboards, however the most current item of Genesis– Helium 800 BT speakers, reveals that the Polish business is doing well and best in this field.

The Genesis Helium 800 BT is a set of 2.1 wired speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 performance and an RCA adapter. The item struck the marketplace in May of this year, however this isn’t Genesis’ very first effort at utilizing speakers. A year earlier, Kacper described on the pages of our website Heli 300 BT Speakers

What’s in package?

The product packaging is rather big– a black cardboard box with a classy dust coat, in which you will discover whatever you require– 2 speakers, a subwoofer, the essential electrical wiring, a push-button control and a user handbook. The defense is strong– the speakers are covered in foil and furthermore enhanced with foam.


The evaluation of look refers dispute, however the Helium 800 BT is preferred by the truth that it is created as a common item for players– they will suit many spaces, however the majority of in the 4 walls of the electronic home entertainment fan. Speakers are confined in black MDF, in regards to acoustics and toughness, much better than common plastic. The membrane on the satellite and subwoofer is enhanced with perforated covers on the plastic grills, and near the membrane there are rings utilized to brighten ARGB. There are red accents and the Genesis logo design on the speakers, however this is currently basic in the style of the Polish business and each of their items.

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The satellite (2 x 15 W) is 180 x 110 x 113 mm, however the subwoofer (30 W) is more outstanding, it is a cuboid with the exact same measurements, however rather big– 255 x 250 x 235 mm. On its left side we have the air area, and on the best side we have all the crucial things– adapters, power button, volume and bass controls, and 3 buttons– MODE, ECO and RGB. The latter is utilized to switch on the backlight, ECO will put the speaker in standby mode when not in usage, and MODE linked to Bluetooth 5.0.

We check speakers

Let’s begin with the truth that it is a gadget with a 2.1 stereo and although it is far from the 5.1 or 7.1 designs, it provides a much better result than the budget plan speakers, which are lots of on the marketplace. On the favorable side, the subwoofer must be valued, and all surges in video games, in addition to noises in the radio frequency variety, are much deeper than in the 2.0 set, which was examined by Kacper in the Helium 300 BT test.

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The Helium 800 BT will show itself in those minutes when you wish to play video games that focus more on the single-player project, due to the reality that in online video games reflexes or a fast and proper sense of where the noise is originating from are necessary. It is worth selecting earphones, and we likewise attempted those from the Genesis brand name a lot.

I checked the speaker while dealing with a fixed computer system and on the Xbox Series S. The sound quality is rather great– it is a good and warm noise, which is possible to make up for the bass. The sopranos, on the other hand, are a little decreased, and although the Helium 800 BT is far from an audiophile’s dream experience, it is a satisfying level for me. Please keep in mind that the gadgets are for players, possibly motion picture nights, less listening to music.

ARGB backlight with brief cable televisions (once again)

Genesis is utilized to resolving backlights, in the Helium 800 BT we have an integrated ARGB module that enables you to manage the backlight utilizing a PC motherboard. Backlight is steady– the colors are clear, pass effectively. If you do not like such “goodies”, you can turn off the backlight entirely.

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In his evaluation of the Helium 300 BT ARGB, Kacper grumbled about the cable televisions being too brief. The length of the cable television stayed the exact same, so I can just duplicate his words and reveal my surprise that Genesis did not repair this with a more costly item.

Wireless connection

Heli 800 BT speakers likewise have the capability to get in touch with them by means of Bluetooth, which is a huge benefit of checked speakers, due to the fact that you just require a smart device or tablet to listen to music and you do not require to return to the computer system. Bluetooth 5.0 connection provides a great deal of benefit and movement, and such an activation will alter our method and we will never ever wish to purchase a speaker without this choice.

Remote control operation

As I stated in the past, the bundle likewise consists of a push-button control, the image of which is listed below. The quality of the push-button control varies from other sets– its benefit is that it resolves the radio, however it is normally little and plastic, which does not have an irreversible assurance. Throughout the tests, I did not discover any problems with operation.

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Genesis Helium 800 BT– is it worth it?

Genesis Helium 800 BT speakers are an excellent option if you are trying to find appropriate devices around PLN500 The benefits of the devices are definitely strong noise, the possibility of cordless connection, appealing backlight and decent style and universal style. The budget plan choice is still the Helium 300 BT speakers, however if you desire devices from the leading rack, you can rely on the Polish business and purchase the 800 BT variation. Among the primary problems that can make life challenging is brief wires. It’s worth examining prior to you purchase if you have the speakers you desire.

Helium 800 BT Starter Kits

Sound system 2.1
Communication Wired, Bluetooth
RMS output power 60 W
Total RMS power output from the satellite 30 W.
Frequent reactions 100– 20,000 Hz
Volume control Remote control, Panel in your home
Back light Yes
Material Wood
Strong Network (230 V)
Connectors RCA/ Chinch, Mini-TOSLINK, Mini Jack, 3 Pin
Color Black
Height 113 mm
Width 110 mm
Height 180 mm
Subwoofer Dimensions (height x width x height) 255 × 25.5 × 24 cm


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