New Fiat 500e: how to get it for less than 20 thousand euros

New Fiat 500e: how to get it for less than 20 thousand euros

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The 500 e or 500 Electric is a compact automobile from Fiat, is readily available on the marketplace because 2020 and was developed to change (a minimum of in the future, given that it is now produced in parallel with the hybrid) the traditional 500 that all of us understand. Unlike other electrical cars that have actually kept their initial name so as not to lose their appeal in the market, Fiat and its electrical automobile has actually not altered especially the appeal while preserving. The 500 e is really identifiable Compared to the outbound design, the visual distinctions are restricted to the front location, while the guest compartment has strong upgrade in regards to performance and in regards to appeal.

The Fiat 500 e like its Hybrid sibling is offered in lots of versions:

An example Dance Freedom was stated WLTP Strong Price list
500 hatchbacks 238 kWh 190 km 95 HP/ 70 kW 29,950 euros
500 hatchbacks 42 kWh 330 km 118 HP/ 87 kW 33,950 euros
500 convertible 238 kWh 190 km 95 HP/ 70 kW 31,950 euros
500 convertible 42 kWh 320 km 118 HP/ 87 kW 36,950 euros
500 3 +1 238 kWh 190 km 95 HP/ 70 kW 31,950 euros
500 3 +1 42 kWh 320 km 118 HP/ 87 kW 35,950 euros

So there are 3 variations offered: hatchbacks(3 basic doors), reversible(with moving canvas roofing system) e 3 +1(some version that offers the existence of a 1 +1 door on one side just, for an overall of “4”). 2 battery sizes, from 23.8 and 42 kWh, with 2 offered powers (70 and 87 kW).

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Price they begin at 29,950 for a standard variation with restricted liberty, approximately more than 35 thousand euros for a much better and more equipped variation. Is it worth investing practically 30 thousand euros on the Fiat 500 e or can you get some bonus offers? If you have actually a ditched cars and truck, the cost can drop substantially, making the purchase rate much lower. Let’s do the required essentials: the deal is presently offered on the main Fiat site that will end at the end of the month. We chose not to include it to make the material more functional, however let us understand that till 31/ 5 the rate of the standard variation is 25,950 euros.

Ecobonus 2023

To motivate environmental modification and the future shift to green lorries (hybrid and electrical), the Government deals perks which you can access to decrease costs when purchasing a brand-new automobile. More information of this technique are readily available within this understanding however in case of cancellation (one-time purchase) is possible decrease the rate of purchasing a brand-new electrical automobile of 5,000 euros. The vehicle to be gotten rid of should have 4 Euros more, otherwise without canceling the discount rate will drop to 3,000 Euros. To benefit from the discount rate, the brand-new automobile to be bought need to have a list rate equivalent to or less than 35,000 euros (consisting of devices however without VAT, IPT and roadway license), so around 42,000 euros.

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Assuming the purchase of the most affordable variation of the Fiat 500 e, at the exact same time canceling the Euro 3 gasoline cars and truck, one can wind up utilizing. 24,950 euros

Is that all? Not rather, however we see it in the next paragraph.

Regional Bonus

Those fortunate sufficient to live within the Lombardy Region can include rewards and even more decreasing the total up to be offered at the time of purchase. Just recently, the Lombardy Region has actually released brand-new rewards for electrical cars that make the purchase of a Fiat 500 e more budget friendly. Unlike Ecobonus, there is no clear (and transparent) site here that can reveal the real schedule of the reward.

In any case, as reported in this understanding, it is now possible to gain access to more funds that enable discount rates from 1,000 to 4,000 euros. The recognition of an extra bonus offer depends upon the concerns that need to be fixed; with electrical power you can get a greater discount rate and for that reason even more decrease the expense by 4,000 euros. In this case there is a costs limitation of 45,000 euros (consisting of VAT) for automobiles with emissions in between 0 and 60 g/km of CO2. The return of the purchase of Fiat 500 e, from 24,950 euros you can go down to 20,950 euros Okay.

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Is that all? Not precisely. The merchants of the Lombardy Region are required to make one extra discount rate(extra) of 12% approximately an optimum of 2,000 euros. In basic, with the ideal motion (web that there are rewards) it is possible to pay a Fiat 500 e under 20 thousand euros.


In summary, making the most of the Ecobonus of 2023 and the extra reward set for the areas (in this case Lombardy) it is possible to pay a Fiat 500 e for less than 20 thousand euros (as long as there is a synchronised withdrawal of the matching cars and truck. )

How to get perks?

For Ecobonus 2023, the one provided by the Government, and the extra perk, that of the Lombardy Region, it is required to go to the seller and just the seller will have the ability to follow the treatment. We advise you that in order to send an application you will require payment of 16 euros for the earnings stamp paid by residents.


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