New Electric C-Class: 500 hp and a series of 1000 kilometers possible

New Electric C-Class: 500 hp and a series of 1000 kilometers possible

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You do not need to utilize a crystal ball to forecast that Mercedes is dealing with an electrical C-Class. The Stuttgart-based business has actually now broadened its portfolio, from the compact SUV EQA to the high-end sedan EQS. In the upper middle class, nevertheless, they are presently quiting the field to the Tesla Model 3 and BMW with the i4. It stands to factor that this will alter– possibly as early as2025

Selection: What will class C of electrical power be called?

The existing EQC is an SUV. Will the title be provided to another person quickly?

While the SUV variations of the C, E and S classes with combustion engines are called GLC, GLE and GLS, off-road designs based upon the EQE and EQS are provided the SUV suffix. It sounds odd in the beginning, however Mercedes has actually been doing this for years with its convertibles, coupés and station wagons. There is some proof that the brand-new sedan will be called the EQC and after that be accompanied by the EQC SUV. There most likely will not be an EQC T design.

Optik: Instead of EQE/EQS or EQXX?

The 2nd huge trick: structure. There are still no electrical C-Class models that can offer hints. After the EQE and EQS, primary designer Gorden Wagener will definitely not develop a 3rd sedan with nearly the very same bodywork, just one size smaller sized. It is highly likely that the designers will be directed by the research study of the record variety EQXX, which frequently includes the very best aerodynamics– which likewise discusses the a little sloping rear style.

Interesting: Small digital outside mirrors can make good sense for much better aerodynamics. The benefit vanishes due to the fact that the needed display screen has actually to be supplied electrically. That’s why the choice was made versus research study cam mirrors for EQS in the series.

Mercedes EQC

Animation is the essential to being more reliable. The EQC target need to be a drag coefficient of less than 0.2.

Interior: Technology needs to stay cost effective

Inside, the brand-new EQC can catch the primary screen from the EQS and EQE, with 3 screens (instrument cluster, infotainment and guest screen) under the glass panel– or choose the slim EQXX cockpit, which likewise goes through the automobile, however they just utilize it. mega program. The secret might be whether the innovation is prepared for series production already– and whether it can be paid for. Due to the fact that: Despite the reality that the cost is presently increasing, Mercedes should attempt to provide the EQC for around 55,000 euros. Obviously, economies of scale due to less, commonly utilized platforms need to assist keep expenses down.

Platform: 800 volt innovation and as much as 500 hp

Underneath the EQC’s trendy control panel is MB.EA’s brand-new style for mid-size and big cars. Contrary to what was formerly prepared, the drive innovation provided in the EQXX (the so-called EATS 2.0 drive train) not just discovers its method into the MMA minicars, i.e. the followers of the electrical A-Class, however likewise into the MB. EA series.

It implies: 800 volt innovation, a modern-day silicon carbide generator that increases performance, yet more traditional radial flux engines with 250 to 500 anticipated hp, rear or four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering and– unlike the EQXX– 2. -speed transmission, for some conditions to decrease intake a little.

Range: Up to 1000 km is possible

In regards to the battery, Mercedes will substantially increase the present energy density, the 110 kWh battery in the EQS pertains to 550 Wh per liter, in the future approximately 800 Wh/ l ought to be possible. This suggests: More energy can be saved in the exact same area, or batteries can be much smaller sized and lighter. Around 100 kWh can likewise be pictured in the EQC, which would definitely suffice for around 1000 km.

The EQC sedan can take the sunroof and heatpump from the EQXX, both of which likewise ensure additional kilometers. Charging is done with up to 350 kW, from no to 80 percent need to take 20 minutes on a quick battery charger. It is likewise presumed that the C-Class will utilize two-way charging, that is, the energy from the battery can likewise be fed back into the energy grid.

Production: One thing remains the very same

So whatever is brand-new with the electrical C-Class? A minimum of close! Something ought to not alter this time: As previously, the electrical EQC– together with its SUV equivalent– will roll off the assembly line in Bremen.


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