New Drunk driver threatens pedestrians and officer

New Drunk driver threatens pedestrians and officer

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Monheim/Dusseldorf– An intoxicated driver (34) without a license remained in Monheim on Saturday Dusseldorf Reckless driving puts a number of individuals at threat.

The authorities followed the intoxicated driver (34) to Düsseldorf. (sign image) © 123 Rf/lutsenko

According to their own info, the officers had actually performed a cops check at the stop indication on Geschwister-Scholl-Straße/ Garather Weg, as harmful scenarios for bicyclists had actually happened there regularly in the past.

At around 2.50 pm, the 34- year-old increased to an authorities checkpoint in his Mitsubishi– however rather of reacting to a policeman’s stop indication, the guy sped off! The officer needed to conserve himself on the side of the roadway, a cops representative stated.

In the taking place wild escape towards Düsseldorf, the aggressive driver surpassed a number of cars and likewise attempted to acquire area by beeping his horn. The approaching automobile needed to swerve to prevent the mishap, it was stated.

cops reports
A BMW driver from Bavaria is dropped in the Thuringian cops on the A9, then needs to continue his journey on the train.

When the guy became a garage in Leo-Baeck-Strasse in Düsseldorf, 3 individuals supposedly leapt to the side.

However, the authorities had the ability to stop the male from leaving additional and ultimately stopped the aggressive automobile. The officers then physically handcuffed the 34- year-old male. The male’s guest is being looked for, it stated.

A worth of around 1.2 per mil was offered as the driver’s alcohol concentration. According to the cops, the male needs to respond to, to name a few things, for threatening the traffic on the roadway and driving the cars and truck races.


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