New Dodge Charger 318 Special R/T (1968)

New Dodge Charger 318 Special R/T (1968)

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You would not call Popke van der Hoek odd, however he’s a fan of Coke’s bottle shape. Satisfy his customized Dodge Charger 318 R/T from 1968.

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Dodge Charger 318 unique R/T

The next-door neighbors had a white Opel Manta A, which I believed was a huge vehicle. I was constantly permitted to drive the automobile a little and after that I stated: ‘When I mature, I will purchase a vehicle like that.’

And I kept my word. I have not missed out on considering that I was19 Often I had 2 or 3, in some cases 8 or 9 at a time. And if something else was available in between, it generally had the very same line.

Ford Mustang, Toyota Celica, Pontiac Hot Plane. And this Dodge Charger. I much like those kinds of cars, I have absolutely nothing versus sedans or station wagons.

Dodge Charger 318 special R/TDodge Charger 318 special R/T

The finest battery charger

I had offered the automobile for an excellent cost and began trying to find something else, however what? There was an entrepreneur in Belgium that I constantly wished to go to. That’s when I visited it for the very first time.

There were numerous Chargers, however the very best, the 68′ er, was missing out on. When I went to try to find that year of manufacture, I discovered this.

It remained in the Dukes of Hazzard variation and it cost a fair bit of cash, so I had my doubts. After 2 days of meditation, I went there once again; drive a little and look down. There wasn’t simply a business with an open bridge close by.

Princes of Hazzard

We wound up putting the 2 wheeler Charger on the raised edge of the bus stop and I simply went under it. It looked excellent, ran excellent and the sale was closed. It was never ever my objective to purchase a Dukes of Hazzard-look Dodge Charger, however one Saturday afternoon in 2011, I purchased among those orange ones, total with a bullbar, numbers on the door and a Confederate flag on the roofing system.

During the very first weeks I changed the oil and brake lines, shock absorbers and brake linings and did regular upkeep. Back when it still had the Dukes appearance, I took it to conferences around the nation. I didn’t feel like driving 2 hours on the highway from the north.

There is no line puller

I like faster ways the very best; I’m not a speeder or a downer. In 2015 I was a little fed up with all this attention from the Dukes story. Believe me, you can likewise get a great deal of attention with the vehicle. At the program, at the end of the day I needed to brush all around due to the fact that everybody was leaning on it for images.

And a smile on my face, however still. I had actually currently asked a painter in my location if he had time, and at the end of in 2015 I called him: ‘He’s coming!’ Therefore a couple of months ago a green Charger all of a sudden appeared on the roadway.

It’s not the initial Dodge color, it’s the Opel color, however I like it much better for this cars and truck design. I likewise have a Manta and a Toyota Celica in this color, likewise with a tan interior and these wheels.

Dodge Charger 318 special R/T


I likewise purchased brand-new bumpers, door manages and mirrors, the old ones were worn. It was generally a really good vehicle, however it was made a little extreme when spraying. There was an antenna on it, I eliminated it and the hole is closed.

Also, the corners of the body on the bumpers are completed much better, something that was a bit ruined in the United States. The American Racing Vector rims that were on the Dukes cars and truck have actually been changed with these ultra-fine fifteen tone wheels.

Not initial, however take pleasure in

I had 3 various kinds of rims and tires on it prior to I was pleased. It likewise has Recaro front seats that are upholstered in the very same color as the remainder of the interior and I made the center console in the exact same material so I can save other things.

So it’s not initial any longer, however that was never ever my objective. I actually enjoy it. And you understand what strikes me? That is precisely the example that individuals react to. In Dukes orange I got a great deal of results, however still now.

The reality

General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard television series was 69, however customized designs from 1968 were likewise utilized, due to the fact that there were just small distinctions in the grille and taillights. Due to numerous dives and stalls, a minimum of 300 Chargers were lost, so a number of cars per session.

The very first cars were developed by manufacturer Warner Bros., later on copies by an outdoors business that took control of bit by bit. There are numerous small distinctions in execution, chrome pieces, interior, and so on seen throughout the series. Due to the Charger’s scarcity, radio-controlled design cars have actually likewise been utilized to stunt in previous episodes.

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