New BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux: Nine success and the title of Maxime …

New BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux: Nine success and the title of Maxime …

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BMW M2 CS Benelux Championship: Nineth win and title for Maxime Oosten

Maxime Oosten has actually won the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux title at Spa-Francorchamps. The 18- year-old Bas Koeten Racing driver did this in design by likewise winning the 2nd race of the Commercial Racing Festival. For Oosten it was his ninth success in a row and his ninth success in the 10 races held up until now in the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux. Sam Dejonghe took 2nd with the group of Willem Meijer/Lorenzo van Riet finishing the podium.

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With Maxime Oosten in a great position, the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux gets ready for the 2nd, sixty-minute race of the Commercial Racing Festival at Spa-Francorchamps. The champion leader and winner of the very first race at Spa is surrounded in the front row by Sam Dejonghe. The 2nd row is owned by Jayden Post and the John van der Voort/Sandra van der Sloot group, with the 2nd starting. In the 3rd row Max Veels and Fred Caprasse, followed by the group Willem Meijer/Lorenzo van Riet and Albert Jochems/Charles Zwolsman. The leading 10 is finished by Berry van Elk and Dante Rappange/Dirk Warmerdam. Behind them Gary Terclavers, group Patrick de Vreede/Rogier de Leeuw, group Joeri Janssens/Steven Brams, Dick van Elk and Gerrit Vos, while Giovanni Scamardi closed the field.

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After a couple of hours of lots of sun, it’s been cloudy once again over Spa-Francorchamps, however with a temperature level of 17 degrees for the very first time this weekend, the option of slicks is not so challenging. At the start, Oosten is by far in the lead, with Dejonghe in 2nd and Caprasse in 3rd from 6th, with Van der Sloot switching locations with Post. On the back row, Scamardi makes a huge action since the Belgian who began in sixteenth location is currently in eleventh location after a couple of turns.


Oosten right away starts to produce a space when Caprasse takes over from Dejonghe for 2nd. Van der Sloot hangs on well in 4th, and Post in 5th, however Veels, Warmerdam who rapidly left and Van Riet on his bumper.


With 5 and a quarter laps behind them, Oosten is now 3 seconds ahead of Caprasse. Dejonghe continues to follow his compatriot in 3rd location, while Post has actually now surpassed Van der Sloot once again, however the result of this continuous fight doubts.

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Behind them Veels, Van Riet, Warmerdam, Scamardi, whose development is failing, Berry van Elk, Janssens, Terclavers, the returning Jochems, De Vreede, Dick van Elk and Vos.

Sandra van der Sloot

When the pit window opens for the necessary blockage after 20 minutes, Oosten has actually now finished Caprasse in 5 seconds. Jochems and De Vreede were the very first to dive into the pits to hand the wheel to Zwolsman and De Leeuw respectively. Veels, Van Riet, Warmerdam and Janssens are the beside stop.

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A lap later on, Oosten, Caprasse, Post and Van der Sloot set the speed at the exact same time towards the pit lane and with Dejonghe still driving, the Belgian is the brand-new leader for a while.

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When all stations are over and everybody has actually finished their very first complete round, the balance can be drawn. With 25 minutes staying, East leads by more than 8 seconds over Caprasse, who has actually handled to preserve his 2nd location. In 3rd location Dejonghe who stood last and 4th Meijer who took the wheel from Van Riet.

warmerdam rappange

Behind them Veels, Post, Rappange, Berry van Elk, Brams, Terclavers, a slack Scamardi, Zwolsman (who has a blowout and needs to go to the pits gradually), De Leeuw, Van der Voort who is slack at a range Van der Sloot, and Vos who likewise gets a vehicle through a rest stop which is extremely brief. Penis van Elk is still driving without pit stops.

Post it

With fifteen minutes staying, Oosten extends his lead even more as Meijer passes Dejonghe and presses Caprasse, who is still in 2nd location. Meijer and Caprasse are in touch and for that reason Dejonghe is 2nd at a decent range from Oosten. Behind them Meijer and Caprasse, who were a little late, at Post 5, followed by Scamardi, Berry Van Elk, Rappange, Brams and De Leeuw. At that time, Veels and Van der Voort are not there. The 2 crash into each other and due to the fact that both cars are stalled, a security cars and truck comes onto the track. It ends up that the Veels were struck, spun, and after that struck once again. Since later on other emergency situation services need to go to the track and there are just 5 minutes to go, the race ends with a code red.

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So the completing order is East, who wins his ninth race in a row, Dejonghe, Meijer/Van Riet, Caprasse, Post, Scamardi, Berry van Elk, Warmerdam/Rappange, Janssens/Brams, De Vreede/De Leeuw, Terclavers, Vos and each other’s penis. This implies that Veels, Van der Sloot/Van der Voort and Jochems/Zwolsman did not complete.

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