New A reader about Mini Zoo: What? require a location where you can “hug” the bunny? Radomsko

New A reader about Mini Zoo: What? require a location where you can “hug” the bunny? Radomsko

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Dear Editor! I all the best hope that you will release my letter. I am your routine reader. I thought that you cover each subject completely. I was dissatisfied with the short article about the Mini Zoo. Initially glimpse, the image of “these awful challengers of the concept of the zoo” and the owner of Mini Zoo– Mr. Ciesielski, who “enjoys animals” and his company was produced from “love for animals” emerges.

Ah, those zoo competitors! They will not let the kids hug guinea pigs or bunnies! Well, it does not ruin! Possibly they are still versus animals in circuses and wish to construct frog sidewalks on the side of the roadway! Oh, they are not animal fans; they compose problems, slander … And mr. Wojciech, after all, out of love for animals, all this, for pure love … I’m sorry, I was moved, tears originated from my eye. Ah! And this kids’s education! Let’s inform, inform, if possible in a Mini ZOO. Let’s let individuals understand from a young age, adhere to those empty heads that we require a Mini Zoo! There you will find out regard for animals, kid, and you will likewise “hug” them.

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