New A pedestrian overlooks a red traffic control and is struck by a BMW

New A pedestrian overlooks a red traffic control and is struck by a BMW

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Red traffic signal: Pedestrians and chauffeurs depend on light signals in roadway traffic. © STPP/image-images

In Regensburg, a pedestrian triggered a crash with an automobile, in which he suffered major injuries. He overlooked the traffic control.

Regensburg– Accidents can take place rapidly on the roadway, and every roadway user ought to understand this, despite their function. There was a severe mishap in Regensburg on Friday, in which a pedestrian was seriously hurt. He had actually disregarded the red traffic signal and hence triggered a significant crash.

Regensburg: A 48- year-old pedestrian runs a red traffic control and triggers a mishap

According to the Regensburg South Police Inspectorate, the event took place early Friday night around 17: 30 on Landsberger Straße. At the end of the city’s longest street, which leads from the center to the southeast to Burgweinting, a 48- year-old pedestrian disregarded a red traffic control and right away crossed the street. He was struck by a 30- year-old BMW driver who had actually formerly been driving along Landshuter Straße.

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The driver from the district of Regensburg had no chance to prevent the passerby, who is likewise from Regensburg. The victim was seriously hurt in the violent accident, after emergency treatment at the scene of the mishap he was required to the health center by emergency situation services. According to the report, he suffered extreme injury in the mishap, according to the existing condition he is getting more treatment.

Regensburg: Pedestrian pulled into mishap with BMW brain injury

Emergency services protected the scene of the mishap, so it was closed for a brief time by cops and rescuers while the mishap was taped. In addition, a specialist was selected to supply a mishap analysis evaluation of the mishap scene.

The driver of the vehicle was not hurt in the accident, however his BMW suffered damage in the low 4 digits. His cars and truck was likewise protected, as seen in the media report.

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In Regensburg there were likewise problems this summer season concerning the routing of traffic through Stobäusplatz, which triggered 3 mishaps due to the big building location, as reported by At the traffic crossway near the Danube shopping center in Regensburg mishaps have actually increased in current years, now the city desires to take action. Simply a couple of days earlier, a mishap happened in a suburban area of the Upper Palatinate administrative district when a lady crashed her vehicle into the window of a fitness center, hurting an overall of 3 individuals. (adj)


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