New 1500W passive socket in the choice plan COMFORT & … & …

New 1500W passive socket in the choice plan COMFORT & … & …

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I own a Mazda cx 60 Humora given that 03/06/2023 and in specific I took the CONVENIENCE & SOUND PACK alternative to be able to utilize the air conditioning 1500 socket and this socket as a backup during the night camp when there is no electrical connection. to offer short-term power to my caravan to minimize making use of some 220 v devices in the caravan.

I seemed like I might utilize this 1500 w air conditioning port without needing to run the motor, making it a costly no-brainer choice for me.

But now it appears that this 1500 w a/c adapter just works when the automobile is on therefore there is NOTHING about this 1500 W air conditioner adapter due to the fact that running the engine needlessly while fixed is forbidden!!!

Why is it not possible to utilize the 1500 w air conditioning plug without running the engine when you charge the 17 kW EV BATTERY while driving utilizing regrowth mode and keeping the battery charge a minimum of 80% Charge or more than anything else, this 1500 W Without the engine running, air conditioner connection is not beneficial for you.

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What do other Mazda cx 60 chauffeurs believe?

I hope Mazda repairs that.


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